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modern living room design with bohemian chic

Bohemian decor ideas are a wonderful way to bring color and unique style into modern living room design. Bohemian interior decorating can combine a few styles, creating beautiful and luxurious room decor that makes a statement. It is difficult to focus on any particular interior decorating…

interior decorating with bohemian decor accessories

Simple room decorating ideas and inexpensive accessories in vintage style, combined with rich colors and unconventional decorative details, can create pleasant and surprising, luscious and luxurious Bohemian decor. Small charming accents in vintage style can transform room decorating and make your home feel stylish and unique….

bohemian decor, rich room colorsand modern interior decorating ideas

Modern interior decorating ideas that combine traditional British hospitality with American Bohemian lifestyle give great inspirations for all who appreciate classic English elegance and Bohemian decor. The hotel Belgrave show exclusive Bohemian decor and creative interior decorating ideas that can be used for your living room,…

round wall mirror in wooden frame and antique console table

Antiques and retro home decor items are modern trends in decorating. Antique and retro decor, everything that you can find in antiques shops blend modern home decorating ideas with timeless traditions and create stylish and exclusive Bohemian decor styles for very personal, comfortable and beautiful rooms….

handmade accessories for home decorating in eclectic style

Rocker chic bohemian decor ideas are cool and impressive. Created by a fashion designer these bohemian decor ideas reflect the way the designer lives and feels the world. Colorful, impressive and effortless home decorating style, combined with love for art and decoration patterns

antique wrought iron fireplace

Charmingly cluttered boho-chic home decor celebrates luxurious fabrics, beautiful interior decorating colors, unique textures and amazing decoration patterns, creating gorgeous, comfortable and cozy rooms. Bohemian interior decorating ideas are about romance and exquisite luxury