White Black

White decorating with yellow color accents and space saving contemporary apartment ideas from German architect Gerd Streng  are sunny, comfortable and optimistic. Stair Case Study House 01 design is a concept of modern house that celebrates strong color contrasts created

Black and white decorating ideas bring dramatic transformations into old house rooms, creating fresh and airy home interiors with light and spacious feel. Old house interiors, decorated in black and white look interesting and warm with wood furniture, green house plants and colorful accents

Black and white rooms with splashes of bright color feel cheerful and interesting. Red color accents add dynamic details, energizing neutral room decorating color scheme. White and black rooms with pops of color look bright and playful, offering comfortable and modern home interiors

Creative bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts look dynamic and playful, offering unusual home decorations, functional and very decorative home accessories for book shelves. These bookends are handmade from solid steel and heavy enough to hold up few books, decorating

Scandinavian house is about white decorating ideas, spacious and comfortable interior design, simple interior decorating style and pleasant atmosphere. White decorating colors help visually increase the living space and bring more light into home interiors, creating bright and airy

Large luxurious house design and interior decorating project by the Russian architectural firm Ershi-Co is impressive. Modern interior design ideas blend the elegance of classic style, contemporary materials and new technology, creating functional and stylish, comfortable and spacious

Playful kids plates, inspired by a transportation theme are wonderful gift ideas for kids and their parents. Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski created interesting kids plates, great for interacting. The set of Transportation Plates is fun tableware that brings the interesting theme into table decor

Contemporary apartment ideas from young Russian architect A. Nikolashin, look dynamic and spacious, stylish and creative. Inspired by the charming beach pebbles, he brings the nature inside, adding the natural beauty of beach pebbles, green plants and wood to modern interior design

Black and white decor look spacious and calm. Black and white color combination feel balanced and quiet. Little details in other colors highlight the beauty of black and white decor. Modern interior decorating ideas from experts will help to find the best solutions for your rooms,…

White home decorating feels airy and spacious. White decorating ideas from luxurious Borgo Egnazia Hotel  can be a great inspiration for creating breezy, light and stylish room decor in white room colors. The hotel rooms are furnished in traditional Southern Italian decorating style

Spacious contemporary interior decorating ideas emphasize beautiful architectural features of this new house design, completed in 2011. Wooden ceiling, floor and walls, simple and elegant wood furniture and impressive lighting fixtures in airy home interiors make Hawkesbury Residence

Black and white decorating color palette, combined with stylish and simple modern furniture and lighting fixtures, create sophisticated contemporary home interiors that provide beautiful and comfortable rooms for rest and relaxation. Red color accents bring energy and add more interest to modern

Contemporary interior decorating and white color create beautiful and light modern house design. Sea Shell Residence interiors by Lanciano Design, Israel, are spacious and bright. Unique lighting ideas and lots of glass, gray and white color palette and artistic accents make this modern home interior

Minimalist interior design ideas, classic decorating and Art Deco style are very popular. Classic interior design ideas bring luxurious comfort and elegance into modern homes. Art Deco style creates unique rooms, incorporating deep colors, exotic decorating ideas and materials, like African, South American

Creative wall decorating ideas and entryway storage solution from Swedish design studio Lagström Wiktorsson are simple and elegant, functional and utilitarian. The Leaf Hanger Set consists of five black or white steel rings in different sizes that can be fixed to a wall

Black and golden colors look spectacular, offering dramatic and stylish Christmas decorating ideas. Dark blue and black winter holiday decorations, jazzed up with golden glitter and embroidery, are modern trends. Fantastic black and golden yellow decorations make striking table centerpieces

Blackboard paint for one of the walls, interior and closet doors or modern furniture decoration offers exciting room decorating ideas for adults and kids. Blackboard paint creates a writing surface and dynamic contrasts with white objects and furniture decoration details in white color, making room

Black feathers and hearts decorations add romantic accents to party table decor, offering dramatic and inexpensive table decoration ideas. Black feathers, butterflies and hearts decorations in turquoise color create elegant and luxurious combination with white tablecloth, plates

Craft ideas for adults and kids offer simple and fun room decorating projects to turn dated chandeliers or rescued from a thrift store ceiling lighting fixtures and wall lights into pretty room decor items, that look unique and stylish. Also craft ideas for adults and kids…

Modern bathroom decorating ideas and art deco interior design style bring strong black and white color contrasts, geometric patterns, impressive form and luxurious materials into bathrooms design.

Black-n-white wallpaper looks great with white paint and bedroom decor accessories in soft pink, purple, yellow, blue and green colors, offering tranquil, relaxing and peaceful bedroom decorating.

Lace fabric, crocheted doilies, beautiful wallpapers and stenciling designs with lace and doilies patterns are modern interior decorating trends that offer unique and stylish wall decoration ideas.

Winter holiday table decorating transforms an entire home, creating welcoming and festive atmosphere. Simple silver Christmas table centerpieces work well with all home furnishings colors and styles, offering impressive, classy and elegant decorating ideas for Christmas.