Colorful Ideas for Decorating Girls Bedrooms, Gypsy Decoration Style

pink furniture upholstery fabrics and lods rugs for girls bedroom decorating

Colorful and festive ideas for decorating girls bedrooms and bright and extravagant gypsy decoration style, that is associated with Gypsy songs and dancing, come from French Vibel. Rich girls room decor materials in bright colors, soft textures and bold interior decorating color palette create a new concept of lavish Gypsy decoration for romantic and artistic girls.


Striking ideas for girls bedrooms decorating in Gypsy style includes beautiful home decorating fabrics for bedding and curtains, soft rugs, bright kids furniture upholstery fabrics and gorgeous floral designs, that blend red and pink, blue and green, orange and yellow, brown and cream room colors into amazing bedroom decorating color palette, inspired by colorful Gypsy clothes.

Colorful and romantic, creative and artistic ideas for girls bedrooms, inspired by optimistic Gypsy decoration style, celebrate nature, music, dancing and free spirit of Gypsy lifestyle, creating festive, carefree atmosphere in the room and making girls bedroom decor look like a beautiful flower meadow.

Birds images for wall decoration

Bird inspired wall decoration ideas for kids rooms

Ideas for girls bedrooms, inspired by Gypsy clothes

Large and small decorative pillows, made of soft fabrics with striped and floral designs in red and pink, blue and green, orange and yellow, brown and cream colors, canopy and beautiful wallpapers patterns add chic accents to unique and luxurious ideas for girls bedrooms decorating in style, inspired by Gypsy clothes.

Gypsy bed decoration ideas

Magnificent bed decoration looks comfortable and functional. Floral fabrics, cushions and curtains in bright red and pink, blue ad green colors add a unique flavor of ethnic style, creating a beautiful retreat for rest and peaceful nights.

Girls bedrooms design ideas

Large desk with convenient drawers for storage allows to keep girls bedroom in order. Cute ottoman in modern red-pink color and pretty pink butterfly decoration add charm to functional ideas fr decorating girls bedrooms. Comfortable play area with storage boxes for toys, a bench for reading or chatting with friends are excellent ideas for girls bedrooms decorating.

Gypsy decoration style

Folk motifs, bright girl room colors, – red and pink, blue and green, orange and yellow, brown and cream, rich textures, – wool rugs on red carpet and decorated with embroidery quilts and pillows give handmade look to girls bedroom decor. Colorful and free-spirited, artistic and romantic Gypsy decoration ideas bring joy of life into girls bedroom design and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns

Floral wallpaper patterns

Girls bedroom decorating ideas

Vibel was founded more than twenty years ago, when Denis Hacq became a father of a young girl. His daughter inspired him to start creating modern and functional, unique and elegant kids rooms designs.

He studied the benefits of beautifully furnished kids bedrooms for children, and soon realized how important this room decor plays in children lives. Children need to develop their individuality and find their own personal preferences and strength to become adults.

Patchwork fabric in modern interior design

Colorful and unique ideas for decorating kids rooms help children to develop their imagination, enjoying free expression and understanding of the difference between fictional and real. Boys and girls bedrooms are places where children feel at home, comfortable and safe, enjoying personal room decor.

Artistic and unusually bright ideas for decorating girls bedrooms from Vibel offer parents an opportunity to get inspired and create personal bedrooms design, in accordance with their children’s tastes and interests, which will help kids grow creative, enthusiastic, optimistic and happy.

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