Latest Trends in Home Decorating Fabrics for Comfortable and Modern Interiors

modern interior decorating with home fabrics and textiles

Latest trends in decorating fabrics show beautiful ideas, fantastic textures and stylish colors that turn living spaces into modern interiors. Home textiles and fabrics include gorgeous wall coverings, trendy decoration patterns, traditional embroidery designs and creative fabric prints that define the latest trends in home decorating.


Interior decorating with fabrics and textiles is not only practical, functional and inexpensive. It is not just textiles and fabrics that transform rooms. It is the idea of giving a soft and personal touch to modern interiors. Room decorating with home fabrics is about inspirations, creativity, mood and unique design.

Today, the widespread use of fabrics in interior decoration is a sign of a special refinement of taste. With the help of fashion home textiles you can instantly transform the interior of any room without the long-term repair and related inconveniences: blankets, pillows, bed covers, curtains or drapes instantly change the texture of the most important surfaces in the home.

Latest trends in decorating fabrics

Latest trends in home decorating with fabrics and textiles

Fashionable trends in modern home textiles and decorating fabrics are not less diverse, surprising and personal, than fashion in clothing. Modern home fabrics and textiles reflect creative and innovative ideas and latest trends in decor and fine art.

Golden colors and fabric prints

Golden colors and luxurious silky textures are one of modern trends in decorating with fabrics. Golden details on golden background add chic and warmth to modern interior design.

Black and white decor, golden colors and details, modern interior decorating trends

Eastern theme in decoration patterns and fabric prints

Middle Eastern theme and oriental interior decorating are gorgeous trends that bring richness and luxury into modern interior design. Striking traditional ornaments, inspired by Middle Eastern and Indian textiles and fabrics, Turkish motifs and Middle Asian decoration patterns look fantastic in modern interiors.

Modern bedding fabrics enhancing French style with Turkish flavor

Creative inspirations for modern interior decorating with home fabrics and textiles

Floral designs and fabric prints

Floral designs and fabric prints are timeless trends in decorating with fabrics and home textiles. Large floral designs and fabric prints in stylish rich colors and soft pastels are expressive and tender, beautiful and charming. Daisies, irises and sunflowers bring elegance and softness of floral designs into modern interiors. Painted in Van Gogh style, fabric prints with beautiful flowers add muted color shades and noble rich colors to room decor. Stylish colors, like white and black, orange, metallic, pale pink and emerald green color shades, golden colors and tender blue shades create bright and modern accessories and wallpaper patterns.

Modern home fabrics for interiors decorating, bedding fabrics and decorative pillows

Quilts and stripes

Quilted curtains, floor rugs, room furniture upholstery fabrics and wallpaper patterns are fabulous interior design accents that add more home decorating ideas to traditional quilted bedspreads and blankets. Simple lines of colorful stripes and quilted decor accessories gracefully create beautiful patterns and add elegance to modern interior design. Quilted pillows add a unique touch of quilted texture to modern interior decorating, while stripes bring magnificent and cheerful decoration patterns, enhancing interior design.

Colorful home fabrics and modern home decor ideas from textile designer Lisa Corti

Modern bedroom decorating with bedding fabrics for ultimate comfort

Vintage fabrics and surprising fabric combinations

Exceptional quality and complexity of decoration techniques, creative fabric prints, embroidery and oriental patterns set wonderful trends in home decorating. Silk,combined with fine wool, linen and tender lace, fantastic jacquard patterns and contemporary fabric prints add unexpected combinations of textures, colors and designs to room decor, look very impressive and enrich home decorating by bringing intimate and original details into modern interiors. Vintage fabrics with XVII-XIX centuries patterns look modern, bringing the splendor of the Rococo and Baroque styles into modern interior design.

Modern home decorating fabrics and textures

Silk, leather, fine wool and linen, traditional and new natural materials add value and meaning to home decor accessories, enhancing green living ideas and creating eco friendly, comfortable, healthy and modern interiors. Made of natural fibers, home decorating fabrics and textiles look harmonious with porcelain and wood, glass and metal. Modern wallpaper designs, room furniture upholstery fabrics, curtains and drapes, floor rugs and lamp shades for modern interior decorating reflect bold experiments in creative design which combines new technologies with fine art. Challenging old traditions, designers create unique home fabrics to modern interiors and create a distinct style that is called functional luxury.

Modern home fabrics and textiles for functional interior decorating

Stylish decorative accessories blending wool felt fabrics into modern interiors

Modern textile and home fabric collections include unique designs. Beautiful room decor accessories, curtains, floor rugs and furniture upholstery fabrics, made of silk, cotton, cashmere, wool and linen, look luxurious and feel pleasant. Traditional fabric prints and vintage patterns, sports-themed prints and large animals, birds and insects, floral designs and jungle motifs are gorgeous latest trends in home decorating.

Bedroom decorating with fabrics in red, pink and purple colors
Contemporary home fabrics made of natural fibers in bright colors
Home decorating fabrics in bright colors, decorative pillows with ethnic patterns

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