Interior Decorating with South African Flavor, Nettleton 199 House in CapeTown

modern house design and interiors

Modern house design and gorgeous interior decorating ideas make Nettlton 199 house in Cape Town a true retreat. Designed by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors, this modern house in South Africa offers beautiful and luxurious home interiors with comfortable, soft and relaxing room decor, perfect for peaceful and serene lifestyle.


Airy and breezy interior decorating ideas have a South African flavor, offering light and spacious home interiors for luxurious lifestyle. Dramatic views and impressive architectural design, two level floor and large windows create impressive and dynamic interior design.

Interior decorating ideas bring various textures and finishes that make room decor feel rich and natural. Organic and comfortable interior decorating ideas, warm wood and light neautral color palette add universal appeal to modern house design and decor, creating calm and serene atmosphere.

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modern house design and interiorsModern house design in Cape Town, high ceiling, wooden wall paneling, large windows and lighting fixtures

Glass and wood combination, stylish contemporary furniture, elegant planters with green plants, modern lighting fixtures, unique decorative accessories, large windows, glass furniture and room dividers

The house design and interior decorating ideas

The brief was to create a building that maximised the connection with the view and the sea, create a garden on the mountain side of the site and to minimise views over neighbouring buildings,” says Greg Truen, Project Partner.

bedroom decor in white and blue colorsModern bedroom decor in white and blue colors, spacious and luxurious interior decorating ideas

The site is positioned on the side of Lion’s Head and has fantastic views over the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The decision was to create a double volume space at the top of the site that could connect the garden court to the east, while also taking advantage of the views over the ocean to the west.

living room with large windowBeautiful interior decorating ideas, white living room furniture, unique decor accents and lighting fixtures

The entrance hall is a dramatic, vertical space and provides a counterpoint to the living spaces. The volume of this large area is modulated by the floor which has two levels, and by the bedroom floor which floats into the space and is hung from the roof. This element, which has a soft s-curve, contains the master bedroom and its ancillary spaces are separated from the living room double volume by a set of walnut shutters.

Beautiful view, spacious house design and comfortable interior decorating ideas

“The building provides a volumetrically dramatic and dynamic interior space on a grand scale. The objective of the interior decor was to create a softer and intimate counterpoint whilst not jeopardising the clean, geometric lines of the architecture. These elements can harmoniously co-exist and work off each other,” says Adam Court of OKHA Interiors.

By utilising a broad base of textures and finishes, the decor feels natural and subtly organic, comfort being of paramount importance at all times; the overall ambiance is one of calm and serenity.

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Modern house design and interior decorating ideas from SAOTA, and OKHA Interiors,

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