Painting Ideas for Outdoor Furniture and Decoration in Vintage Style

vintage furniture decoration with paint

Painting is a great tool for protecting outdoor furniture and creating bright, colorful and unique decor for outdoor living spaces. Outdoor furniture comes in several different types and made out of different materials, but the most elegant and popular is wooden furniture and wicker furniture pieces. Decor4all shares fabulous painting ideas for furniture decoration and demonstrates how gorgeous themes can enhance summer home decorating.


Wicker furniture and wooden furniture items can be beautifully painted and added to existing outdoor home decor as spectacular, colorful and bold accents. Wicker furniture and wooden furniture are wonderful outdoor furniture for improving backyard decorating. Vintage furniture can be refreshed and stylishly updated with paint. Colorful and interesting painting ideas for furniture decoration can bring charming images and bright color combinations into outdoor home decor.

Vintage furniture and retro furniture items in 50s and 60s styles look elegant and unique. Creative painting ideas can enrich these beautiful outdoor furniture pieces and add beautiful details to simple or old home furnishings. Most wicker furniture and wooden furniture pieces of today are copies of Victorian style outdoor furniture or retro furniture, so creative designs will look harmonious and elegant painted on these outdoor furniture items.

Wooden furniture decoration with stencils, 15 furniture painting ideas

Painting ideas for outdoor furniture

Garden bench decorated with painted colorful stripes

Wooden furniture and wicker furniture are great outdoor furniture items, especially decorated with spring and summer themed images, fruits, vegetables, butterflies and birds. Colorful stripes and other classy furniture decoration patterns are great alternatives for the nature inspired designs.

Wicker furniture and wooden furniture are made of natural materials with a protective coating. Creative and colorful painting ideas for outdoor furniture protect items and brighten up designs.

Wicker and wood furniture decoration with paint

Wicker furniture and wooden furniture may look elegant and light, but these outdoor furniture items are very durable and last long. You can spend some time and put your effort for vintage furniture decoration with paint and enjoy wonderful items for many years to come.

Blackboard paint, DIY furniture decoration in black and white

Vintage furniture decoration with upholstered fabrics and painting

Painting ideas inspired by the nature are fabulous spring decorating ideas. If you notice some mold grow over the winter, painting is a nice way to refresh vintage furniture in spring. If you have mold on your outdoor furniture it can be cleaned with one tablespoon bleach mixed with one gallon of water scrubbed on the mold with a toothbrush. After the mold comes off you need to rinse the outdoor furniture with a sponge and clean water then wipe it down with a dry cloth and get ready for painting.

Painting wicker furniture

Wicker furniture and wooden furniture need to be cleaned after winter storage. The furniture items can be washed with a sponge and soapy water. When the wicker furniture items are wet they tend to stretch and any weight can make them bend.  Another way to clean wicker furniture and prepare for painting is to use the vacuum and brush to suck of any dust.

Bright vintage furniture blending vivid colors and crafty furniture decoration

Hand painted furniture for bedroom decorating

Wicker furniture and wooden furniture decoration with paints look very attractive. Select the best outdoor paint to protect vintage furniture and prevent paint to flake and peal. You can use spray paint and just paint over the old paint covering a few imperfections.

Elegant vintage furniture decoration with paint, wicker furniture, plant stand in yellow color

Natural wicker furniture or wooden furniture in vintage style need some freshening regularly. Varnish, shellac or lacquer is always applied to natural wicker furniture in order to protect furnishings from the rain and sun. Creative and colorful painting ideas renew the protective coatings and turn vintage furniture into spectacular items for outdoor rooms.

Storage furniture decoration with paint, wicker furniture for outdoor home decorating
Colorful painting ideas for outdoor furniture
Wicker furniture decoration with white and pink paint

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