retro furniture

vintage furniture decoration with paint

Painting is a great tool for protecting outdoor furniture and creating bright, colorful and unique decor for outdoor living spaces. Outdoor furniture comes in several different types and made out of different materials, but the most elegant and popular is wooden furniture and wicker furniture pieces….

Modern interiors and outdoor rooms look cozy and inviting with Papasan chairs. These unusual round chairs feature large soft cushions that create comfortable seats. Papasan chairs are ideal for adding a unique touch to your home interiors and create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Decor4all shares…

Simple furniture restoration and decoration ideas help transform a piece of furniture cheaply and creating beautiful home furnishings for your home interior decorating or to sell. It gets expensive to buy new furniture There are many cheap and easy alternative ways to save money or make…

Retro furniture and decor ideas, inspired by the thrills of 60s, create gorgeous, bright and retro-modern interior design that make Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel in Spain a great place to reminisce about a dynamic cultural period and take inspirations for bringing retro style into your…

Recycling old suitcases for attractive vintage furniture pieces is a great idea turning stacked suitcases into beautiful displays and functional decor items in vintage style. Creative chests made from vintage suitcases by British designers Hannah Plumb & James Russell look very interesting, stylish

Vintage furniture collection from Les Valises is designed by Emmanuelle Legavre and available from EL Paris. Her functional and modern furniture design ideas are inspired by trunks and old suitcases, and offer attractive ad interesting retro decor items for adding unique charm and character to home

Retro home decor styles are perfect for people who are cheerful and optimistic, and like exciting bold colors and interesting textures. Retro styles bring retro furniture and decor accessories in bright colors, offering joyful room decorating ideas and unusual color tones or textures combinations

Vintage furniture and decor accessories add unique character to modern interior decorating. Antique or modern chairs in retro style, combined with functional and decorative accessories, lighting fiztures, wall decorations, throws and pillows are excellent for modern interior decorating in retro style

Dining chairs and tables designed by EGO zeroventiquattro blend acient Italian traditions and modern furniture design ideas, creating beautiful dining furniture for charming dining room decorating. Woodworking and manufacturing finishes keep the spirit of Tuscan factories

Two creative home decorating ideas for making exciting vintage furniture and lighting are inspiring and interesting. Handmade home decor items blend of traditional crafts and modern art of decor, bringing the softness and coziness into modern interior decorating and saving you money

Recycling old suitcases for wall shelves or unusal storage boxes is a great idea for creating stylish vintage furniture items and adding unique flavor of retro home decor. Decluttering and using old suitcases as home decorations create more spacious, bright and interisting room decor

Famous chair designs by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld demonstrate unique furniture in De Stjil style or neoplasticism style. His iconic red-blue chair was created in 1918 – 1923, and looks impressive, interesting and bold today. Simple and elegant, innovative and bright, the red-blue chair

Fine furniture upholstery fabrics and colorful fabric prints from Australian designers look bright and colorful, making a strong statement and creating cheerful atmosphere in the living room. Australian-made armchairs and sofas and vintage furniture from IKEA with floral upholstery

Fine vintage furniture and retro decor accessories are one of modern interior trends. The vintage furniture collection Richards Trunks is inspired by a traveler trunk and made of reclaimed oak wood, leather and bronze parts. Combined with antique and rare retro decor items, vintage