outdoor furniture

vintage furniture decoration with paint

Painting is a great tool for protecting outdoor furniture and creating bright, colorful and unique decor for outdoor living spaces. Outdoor furniture comes in several different types and made out of different materials, but the most elegant and popular is wooden furniture and wicker furniture pieces….

children bedroom furniture, papasan chairs

Modern interiors and outdoor rooms look cozy and inviting with Papasan chairs. These unusual round chairs feature large soft cushions that create comfortable seats. Papasan chairs are ideal for adding a unique touch to your home interiors and create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Decor4all shares…

making pillows for hammock decorating

Hammock decorating with pillows adds comfort to backyard ideas, creates an inviting place that is pleasant and cozy. Your hammock looks prettier and complete with good pillow or a few cushions. Choosing the right decorative pillows and accessories is easy. Your choice should be functional, reflecting…

porch decorating ideas, outdoor furniture and fabrics

Summer decorating is fun, especially if have a nice porch or backyard that allow to create a few zones for dining and resting on sun and in the shade. Summer decorating ideas for your porch will help create a gorgeous outdoor seating area or a place…

wooden bench

Double View Bench is a creative garden furniture design that reinvents the Victorian Tete a Tete love seat and makes the bench very convenient. Two pivoting backrests allow to enjoy the beautiful garden views and change your perspective with a minimal effort. The double backrest pivots…

contemporary outdoor furniture for patio designs

Modern outdoor furniture is an important part of porch, deck or patio decorating that adds comfort, color, texture and style to backyard ideas. Outdoor furniture define deck or sunroom decor, improves functionality and aesthetic appeal of porch and patio decorating. Outdoor furniture are available in various…

vintage furniture for storage

Modern interiors of a spacious penthouse. situated in an unusual apartment building in Madrid, look stylish and airy. Vintage furniture and salvaged wood pieces bring warmth and cosiness into white decorating. Modern interior design features an access to a charming terrace

portable hammock chair

Hammock Chair was created by Ukrainian designer Yurii Stegla for an art and design installation in 2009. Simple and attractive, practical and functional this Hammock Chair would be a great addition to your backyard design. Also it gives an inspiration for your next DIY outdoor

modern table design with hanging chairs

Playful and innovative Swing Table from Duffy London is a great way to add more fun to outdoor rooms or dining room decorating. An amazing furniture design features a large hanging lamp above a wooden table top, a steel frame that support eight hanging chairs and…

fitting chair

Portable folding chair is made out of bent plywood and polypropylene. Folding chair that turns into a bag is a great gift idea for travelers, musicians, teachers and students. Simple and elegant, this chair design looks stylish, featuring warm wooden brown colors, pleasant geometric

unique furniture decoration ideas

Recycling ideas offer interesting craft and DIY projects that help declutter homes and create unusual and attractive furniture and decor accessories for your rooms, balconies and backyards. Turning a folding lawn chair into a unique furniture piece adds a personal touch to your beautiful sun rooms

brown and white living room decor

Tropical home decorating ideas are about open spaces that connect interior design with natural surroundings. Inspired by luxurious villas of Maldives W Retreat & Spa, tropical home decorating ideas may include dark wood furniture, combined with white decorative fabrics and bedding, exotic

macrame chair design for backyard decorating

Macrame hanging chair Melati is unusual and charming. A handing chair with simple and elegant floral designs is a modern decoration and a nice way to add unique furniture design and pleasant colors to your room, porch or backyard ideas and create beautiful outdoor rooms or…

traditional lantern and warm throw for balcony decorating in swedish style

15 decorating ideas for your balcony, small deck or patio from Swedish designers will help create warm and cozy outdoor rooms and add more fun to spring decorating. Neutral or light and bright decorating colors, warm home fabrics, green plants, soft cushions for outdoor furniture