Top 11 Christmas Decor Trends 2012

lantern with candles and christmas lights

Traditional Christmas decorating ideas and classic color combination of white, red and green are timeless and are here to stay, perfect for country home decorating and holiday decor in vintage style. However, fresh Christmas decorating ideas and modern winter holiday decorating colors add interest and novelty to Christmas decorating trends 2012.


2012 Christmas decorating ideas are about very special, personal and unique statements and unusual designs. Extra intimate winter holiday decorating feels meaningful and comfortable with less superfluous details. Here are top 101modern winter holiday and Christmas decor trends that help to select the most stylish ideas and colors.

Modern Christmas decorating trend 2012 include natural themed decor and Christmas decorations made of natural and eco friendly materials, creative contemporary designs of reclaimed wood and recycled paper, edible decorations and expensive and unique Christmas decorations in vintage style.

Modern Christmas decoraitng ideas and Christmas color trends

Christmas decor trends 2010

2012 Christmas decorating trends

glass christmas tree decoration dancing girl
Glass Christmas tree decoration in vintage style, dancing girl

1. Christmas decorations in vintage style

Reclaimed wood and recycled fabrics create unique winter holiday decorations, defining one of the most nostalgic and romantic Christmas decorating trends 2012. Vintage style has a strong influence and offer many beautiful Christmas decor themes for comfortable, warm and festive winter holiday decorating.

2. Shiny and sparkling metallic

Silver, golden colors and vintage metallic color shades play a strong part in winter holiday decorating. Sparkling and shiny Christmas decor is another modern winter holiday decorating trends 2012. Shiny gray color tones, silver, bright golden colors, bronze and copper look majestic, bright, playful and expensive.

metal star Christmas tree decoration
Shiny star Christmas tree decoration in golden color

3. Gray and white decorating with color accents

Blending these Christmas colors with white decorating ideas create bright and fresh atmosphere that associates with a winter wonderland.

Stylish Christmas decor, golden color and white decorating ideas

ceramic angels christmas decorations
Two angels in white, decorating for Christmas holiday

4. Surprising and amusing Christmas decorating ideas

Whimsical designs and color combinations, candy-inspired motifs, candy canes, gingerbread houses, cookies and treats create nostalgic and familiar Christmas decor. Edible decorations always look fresh and novel adding a personal touch to winter holiday party table.

Ginger cookies and edible decorations, playful Christmas decorating ideas

5. Natural and eco friendly materials for winter holiday and Christmas decorations

Eco style brought natural and eco friendly materials into modern homes. High quality, eco friendly Christmas decorations made of timeless traditional materials, glass, wood, ceramic, knit and woven fabrics, recycled paper, metal wire, small branches, pine cones, leaves and dried flowers are one of popular Christmas decorating trends 2012.

7 simple craft ideas, easy to make handmade Christmas decorations

Decorative balls made of acorns, handmade Christmas decorations

6. Seashore themed decor ideas

Nautical themes, handmade Christmas decorations with pearls or sea shells and seashore themed decor ideas add a chic look to modern Christmas decorating 2012.

Handmade Christmas decorations, knitted with pearls

7. Birds decorations

Cardinals and all other birds are popular Christmas decorations.

Birds and white decorating ideas for winter holiday

8. Creative designs

Interesting and exclusive designs in winter holiday relevant colors and unique fusion of styles are modern Christmas decorating trends 2012.

Mini hats, simple Christmas crafts and cheap holiday decorations

Christmas decorations that present the blend of these three elements of modern design are excellent choices for creating exciting, very personal and creative winter holiday decor.

Original wall decoration, moose with angels, creative Christmas decorating ideas

9. Candles centerpieces and lanterns

Candles centerpieces and lanterns are popular Christmas decorating ideas that create romantic atmosphere and add majestic glow to winter holiday decor.

Lantern with candles and Christmas lights

10. Nature inspired Christmas decorations

Pine boughs, pine cones, berries, twigs, dried flower and fruits offer beautiful Christmas decorating ideas and pleasant themed decor, including winter woods, Alpine chalet and natural beauty decorating themes and bringing luxurious wooden and ceramic items with knits and woolens.

Nature inspired Christmas tree decorations, transparent glass balls with grass, leaves, pine cones and dried flowers

11. Reuse and repurpose decorating trend

One of practical winter holiday decorating trends 2012 is selecting items that show the ability to extend the Christmas holiday season and can be used in home decorating through entire winter and even several seasons. Winter holiday decorations that can be repurposed, like vases and wreaths, tablecloths and napkins, tableware and Christmas decorations, miniature Christmas trees and flower arrangements that can be used through several seasons are excellent for Christmas decorating.

Cranberries or rose hips with citrus fruit slices, reusable and recyclable handmade Christmas decorations

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