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modern house design and interiors

Modern house design and gorgeous interior decorating ideas make Nettlton 199 house in Cape Town a true retreat. Designed by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors, this modern house in South Africa offers beautiful and luxurious home interiors with comfortable, soft and relaxing room decor

contemporary dining room with yellow wall and window

The modern house design from will bruder+PARTNERS is a contemporary home which features unique architecture and elegant interior design. Natural materials, neutral and warm room colors, inspired by the desert landscape, create a unique, artistic and graceful contemporary home. This comfortable, airy and spacious modern house…

contemporary living room furniture

Spacious contemporary interior decorating ideas emphasize beautiful architectural features of this new house design, completed in 2011. Wooden ceiling, floor and walls, simple and elegant wood furniture and impressive lighting fixtures in airy home interiors make Hawkesbury Residence

wood furniture and floor

Three-story penthouse, located in Sochi, is an interesting project, developed by a Russian architect Vladislav Zabolotniy. Beautiful three level penthouse in a prestigious apartment building offer luxurious interior decorating and a picturesque panoramic view of the city

bedroom decorating with orange wall paint

Modern interior decorating trends bring trendy orange color tones and rich dark room colors that feel comfortable and luxurious. Exclusive and beautiful interior decorating ideas from Russian architectural studio AD are inspired by the beauty of the forest at night, creating mysterious shades

living room decorating in classic style

Modern room decorating ideas, inspired by creative fusion of styles, look elegant, traditional and luxurious, offering contemporary comfort and functionality. Interior decorating ideas from architectural studio ABSOLUTE HOUSE celebrate the classic style, enhanced with striking art deco

old house exterior and modern wooden doors

Italian style old country homes feel very special, romantic and unique, offering exceptional architectural features and interior design ideas that will stand the test of time. Renovating and restoring country homes require the commitment, patience and good knowledge of local building

contemporary kitchen island design inspired by yaht

Nautical decor is a popular and very attractive decorating choice. Nautical gifts and and beach home decor are excellent for people living in coastal communities. Unique and impressive, artistic and creative nautical decor items make wonderful gifts that bring the ocean spirit into homes

dining room decorating in minimalist style

Minimalist interior design ideas, classic decorating and Art Deco style are very popular. Classic interior design ideas bring luxurious comfort and elegance into modern homes. Art Deco style creates unique rooms, incorporating deep colors, exotic decorating ideas and materials, like African, South American

white living room furniture and antique chandelier

Light room decorating ideas and comfortable summer house design from Russian architects are interesting, charming and pleasant. The blend of old European traditions, modern architecture and room decorating ideas, antique and contemporary room decor accessories creates a beautiful

modern kitchen design with wood cabinets and dining furniture

Elegant interior decorating ideas from Studio B Architects are grea for creating spacious and simple contemporary home, wedged between hills beneath Shadow Mountain. Large windows and light interior decorating colors celebrate expansive views and sunny location, providing peaceful

modern living room design

Contemporary interior decorating ideas are inspired by the panoramic coastal hill veiw. Glass and wood create light and warm room decor, and sliding glass doors add more comfort to the house design. Wood, glass and natural stone blend into balanced and attractive interior decorating

wood ceiling and wall

Modern interior decorating ideas from Mexican architects look spacious and dramatic. Casa Camino is located in Chihuahuan desert, a unique place of diverse natural life and stunning beauty. Large windows and free flowing space concept allow to enjoy the picturesque view from any room

asian interior decorating, furniture and wall art

Oriental interior decorating ideas are one of modern decor trends. Chinese and Japanese interior decorating in neutral and brown colors, low furniture and Asian accessories add exotic flavor to modern home interiors and create pleasant and comfortable rooms with unique furniture

interior decorating in eclectic style with unique lighting fixtures and french paintings

Modern interior design in European eclectic style bring Parisian chic into homes, creating intriguing and romantic rooms that celebrate light, colors, textures and art. Parisian style home decorating is great for apartments and homes with high ceiling and beautiful architectural features, large

vases and furniture for colonial homes

Colonial homes are about intricate blends that interweave Western interior decorating styles with home furnishings, furniture and room decor accessories from Eastern, African and Asian countries. Colonial homes are quite common, and Colonial interior decorating style is a popular modern trend that create beautiful, unique and…

beautiful room decor in art deco style

Modern room decorating ideas, that add Art Deco Style chic to classic or traditional apartment decor, transform home interiors into impressive and comfortable rooms, decorated with simplicity, inspired by elegant and functional minimalist style and classic room decor accessories

art deco decorating style in pink-red and dark brown colors

Art deco decorating ideas make modern interior design feel personal and unique. Art deco interiors and the fusion of styles are modern interior design trends that bring modern art into home decor, blending art works and art deco furniture with functional and comfortable interior design

blue floral furniture upholstery fabric for living room design

Traditional home decor looks classic and comfortable. Traditional home decorating style is about calm atmosphere and organized interior design ideas. Bedroom or living room furnishings in a traditional home are predictable and consistent. To create modern room decor in the traditional

indonesian handicraft and furniture decoration for balinese decor style

Art Nouveau home decoration, enriched by Indonesian handicraft, is one of unique ideas for those who enjoy ethnic interior decorating and an artistic touch of the Art Nouveau style. Beautiful Indonesian products, furniture, room decor accessories and Indonesian art give a lot


New 18th century French interior design style is inspired by the beauty of charming French interiors in luxurious palaces and the elegance of the 18th century country homes of aristocrats. Fine furniture design in French style, sofas, beds, chairs and console tables, decorated with wood carving


Light brown colors of fallen autumn leaves with dew water drops inspire modern interior decorating ideas for fall, offering crystal glass home decor accessories, soft upholstery fabrics and luxurious textiles, modern wallpaper and floor rugs in golden and light brown colors with


Modern wallpaper design offers fabulous wall decorating ideas with bare tree branches wallpaper patterns in neutral colors that are perfect for interior design in eco style.


White and yellow cream room paint colors work well with brown color shades, creating welcoming and light interior design, and offering warm and cozy room decorating ideas.


Elegant gray color schemes, functional bathroom accessories and simple decorating ideas create comfortable masculine bathroom interior that feels tranquil and relaxing.


Decorating with white and gray colors are one of modern interior trends that offers elegant style, airy and light gray-white color combination and French interior decorating ideas.