Brown Neutral

shabby chic interiors decorated in white, gray and brown colors

Shabby chic decorating with white, gray and brown colors can be very feminine, peaceful and comfortable. Shabby chic interiors in white, gray and brown colors look fresh and beautiful, inviting and familiar. Vintage furniture, rustic wood and white decorating create amazing rooms celebrating quiet and soft…

sheep inspired modern decor ideas, wood furniture and handmade decorative accessories

Modern decor ideas for 2015, the year of Sheep or Goat include warm and comfortable room colors, natural textures and soft shapes. Creamy white, grayish brown colors and light gray color tones are good Feng Shui colors for interior decorating in 2015. Images of sheep and…

asian decor and modern interior decorating in japanese style

Ethnic interior decorating styles are one of modern trends in home decorating. Asian decor, especially Japanese interior decorating, allow to bring individuality and originality into modern homes and create unique and interesting rooms. Natural room decor materials, ceramics, wooden accessories, made with natural fibers textiles, Asian…

interior decorating with neutral colors and bright accents

This beautiful home interiors created by designer Kristina Wolf. The entrance and hall decorating ideas set the tone for the rest of the house. Gray color tones provide a peaceful background for contrasting elements. The metal railings and wooden shelves add a feel of the industrial…

modern interior decorating ideas, scandinavian designs and decor in scandinavian style

Modern interior decorating ideas in Scandinavian style blend practical, simple and elegant solutions, natural wood textures and neutral colors. Decor4all presents soft and tender interior decorating ideas in Scandinavian style from British design studio Jj Locations. Created with light and dark room colors, neutral colors and…

small kitchen decorating with simple patterns and neutral colors

Small kitchen design can look unique, cozy and stylish. Beautiful and functional kitchen design ideas, combined with gorgeous decorative patterns and neutral colors, are great for creating cozy, comfortable and elegant small kitchen decor. Choosing the right color for small kitchen design is very important. Soft…

cottage with stone walls and outdoor living spaces

Beautiful room decor and outdoor home decorating ideas transformed this old house, surrounded by mature trees, into a gorgeous retreat, an inviting and stylish cottage, perfect for getaways and vacations. Elegant interior decorating and colorful surroundings create picture perfect settings for all who appreciate country style…

Living room furnishings, neutral color combination and ethnic interior decorating ideas

Ethnic interior decorating ideas give wonderful inspirations for designing unique rooms. The Serenity interior decorating trend brings exotic accents into spring and summer homes and blends them with comfortable furniture, natural home fabrics, exotic accessories, handmade home decorations and neutral colors. Perfect for modern bedroom decor,…

luxurious bedding set wih decorative pillows and lace

Classic bedroom decorating ideas that blend white paint colors and furnishings with a touch of gray color create elegant, fresh and cool room decor. Green plants in white containers look gorgeous with white decorating accessories and wicker baskets, creating a fabulous, light and breezy bedroom color…

ceramic tableware and green moss centerpiece idea

Beautiful porch, handmade wood furniture and attractive table decoration ideas in rustic style add charming accents to a cottage or hunting lodge, creating a pleasant place to enjoy the natural landscape, fresh air, delicious meals and drinks. A hunting lodge or rustic wood cabin with an…

green table centerpieces for soring decorating

Elegant table decoration shows simplicity and beauty of natural materials and neutral colors that create relaxing and charming table setting with amazing textures and green centerpieces. Very attractive white tableware creates striking contrasts with green leaves and rattan placemats, emphasizing unique decoration patterns and adding a…

modern bathroom decorating with bathtub in japanese style

Japanese bathroom decorating ideas are about creating pleasant environment for relaxation. A soaking tub is a main element of Japanese bathroom decorating in practical and elegant minimalist style. Japanese have enjoyed the benefits of a soaking tub for centuries. Traditionally Japanese people wash their bodies outside…

yellow door for kitchen decorating

Bright yellow color is a great choice for giving a fresh touch to elegant kitchen decorating in neutral gray color. Yellow color and dark gray tones creates a bold color combinations that makes an impression. Gray color shades are wonderful and timeless. With yellow color accents…

dining room with wood furniture

American traditional home decorating style blends gorgeous high quality wood furniture with natural fabrics and comfortable room colors. This modern home is located in Connecticut and shows elegant house exterior design, beautiful wood furniture, light and pleasant home interiors, neutral colors and white decorating ideas, emphasizing…

carved wood artwork and ceramic vase in black colors

Decorative vases come in various materials, design styles, finishes and colors. Antique and retro modern vases are not only decorative, but stylish enough to stand alone and give a unique look to interior decorating. Vintage and contemporary decorative vases bring instant centerpieces and enrich interior decorating…

vintage furniture for living room in modern style

Interior decorating in Modern style feel exclusive and nostalgic. Creative apartment decorating ideas that blend modernism with contemporary comfort is a gorgeous work by Flat Interiors, an architectural studio in Moscow. Beautiful rooms with a familiar and elegant look feature vintage furniture

wood dining table and brass chandelier for dining room decorating in vintage style

Modern interior decorating of luxurious hotel in Stockholm looks pleasant, spectacular and inspiring. Beautiful modern interiors of Ett Hem hotel showcase a subtle decorating color schemes that include calming and elegant gray color and unique vintage furniture, robust wooden wall panels

gray color and reclaimed wood for interior design

Bedroom decorating ideas, incorporating stylish and cozy reclaimed wood furniture and gray colors, are designed by Blalank Studio. Trendy bedroom decorating in industrial style is softened with comfortable brown colors and neutral gray color tones, creating warm atmosphere and filling

brown wall paint and turquoise furniture upholstery fabric

Dark chocolate brown colors are deep dark and comforting tones of brown color, celebrating rich and cozy home decorating color trends. Dark brown room colors, – interior paint, modern wallpaper designs, home furniture and decor accessories in dark brown color, – look very attractive and elegant

jute lamp shade

Interior decorating ideas that include natural materials and relaxing neutral colors are perfect for creating modern home interiors in elegant eco-style. Items made of jute are a wonderful trend in decorating that impress with various forms and delight with attractive beige and grayish

dining furniture and lighting fixture

Minimalist style appeared in Europe between the 20s and 40s and got popular in the 40s. Interior design in minimalist style reflected the deficit of building and decorating materials, furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and household items after the World War II. The fundamental

modern table and chair set for office

Modern office furniture set from Italian designer Roberto Lazzeroni includes a writing table in black and ginger brown colors and a chair that adds the charm of retro furniture to office decor. The modernĀ  office furniture pieces are created for Poltrona Frau, an Italian furniture manufacture…

modern kitchen design

Apartment ideas from European interior decorator Marina Putilovskaya are inspired by bright personality of her customer. Sumptuous interior decorating ideas are perfect for a successful, energetic and elegant woman who successfully balances her professional career and active

striped wood table and benches

Surfing decorating theme brings adventurous mood into modern furniture design. Surf-ace table and benches by English design studio Duffy London translate the visual language into functional dining furniture. Made of beautiful balsa wood surfboards are transformed into dining furniture

brown and white living room decor

Tropical home decorating ideas are about open spaces that connect interior design with natural surroundings. Inspired by luxurious villas of Maldives W Retreat & Spa, tropical home decorating ideas may include dark wood furniture, combined with white decorative fabrics and bedding, exotic

carved wood furniture decoration

Luxurious home interiors in classic style are spectacular and seducing. Classic style creates beautiful interior decorating, which can turn even a small apartment into chic living space that reminds rooms in European palaces. Comfortable and beautiful interior decorating is perfect for creating inviting

window curtains with tree branches for living room decorating

Modern house design projects by Yuri Ryntovt surprise and delight. Attractive architectural interiors and decor create interesting and functional living spaces, offering beautiful and unique contemporary homes in Ukraine. This modern house is located in Kharkiv region and built