Frugal Bedroom Decor, DIY Furniture Painting Ideas

geometric pattern furniture painting

Original painting ideas can change the way your wooden furniture look and turn old home furnishings into stylish and beautiful accents for modern room decorating. DIY furniture decoration ideas offer inspiring projects to revamp used bedroom furniture pieces and add character to your bedroom decor. Here is the Lushome collection of bright painting ideas for chests. Paint is a fascinating tool for wood furniture decoration.


Restoration and painting ideas for wood furniture

Crafty furniture decoration and bright paint colors

Hand-painted bedroom furniture

Wood furniture decoration with stencils

Recycling ideas to revamp wood furniture and create modern home furnishings

Painting ideas for bedroom furniture

wood painting
Bedroom furniture, elegant wood painting

With usage, paint of wooden furniture becomes dull, and bedroom furniture starts looking unappealing. Although the wood structure of furniture remains intact for many years, you need to paint your pieces once in a while. Re-painting keeps chests look like new. You can do it yourself to recycle and upcycle your bedroom furniture into stylish and beautiful pieces for modern room decor.

furniture decoration
Various decoration patterns in white and blue, bedroom furniture

1. Prepare wood furniture for painting

Select a well-ventilated place and use cloth or plastic sheets to place furniture over it. Clean the furniture and fill the scratched areas with wood filler. Wipe off excessive stuffing with a filler knife. Use wood filler in joints for a secure attachment. When wood filler is dried, use sandpaper to smooth the surfaces, preparing it for paint. Clean the furniture thoroughly with a wet cloth and then with a lint-free cloth.

wooden chast of drawers painted gray and white
DIY bedroom furniture decoration with white paint

2. Prime

Without primer, the paint may peel off after a few months, so use a primer before painting. When the primer is dried, sand the surface again with fine grit sandpaper and then clean the sawdust.

Wood painting in bright colors

3. Finalize the design

You can choose a bright paint color or combine two or three paints to create a pattern in contrasting colors. You can add geometric shapes, design zigzags, or paint your wood furniture pieces solid colors and decorate them with original knobs. There are no limits to creativity.

Turquoise blue and white paint colors, creative wood furniture painting

4. Paint

When you decide on the design, you are ready for applying the paint. Use a foam roller on flat surfaces and then a paintbrush on uneven surfaces. Use paint conditioner to slow down the drying edge of the fresh coat. It helps to make the paint coat even. Apply a second coat of paint if necessary and let it dry.

White-painted bedroom furniture, chest of drawers with new decorations

5. Decorate

Original painting ideas look even more creative with unusual, modern handles. Think about what you can recycle for your furniture decoration. You can paint old wood knobs bright colors and add bold accents to your bedroom furniture decoration. You can use glass or metal knobs to bring texture and enhance your designs. Painting flowers or ethnic motifs around the handles add to the beauty and originality of DIY furniture decoration. You can use modern wallpaper pieces to accentuating the beautiful painting design.

White and blue paint colors, vintage furniture painting idea

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