Recycling Old Suitcases for Vintage Furniture, Chests with Suitcase Drawers

storage furniture made with old suitcases

Recycling old suitcases for attractive vintage furniture pieces is a great idea turning stacked suitcases into beautiful displays and functional decor items in vintage style. Creative chests made from vintage suitcases by British designers Hannah Plumb & James Russell look very interesting, stylish and practical.


Old suitcases are housed individually in antiqued steel and wood frame that has been tailor made in Somerset by the designer duo. Each set of vintage suitcases is unique, and the metal framework is customized to their varied dimensions, creating one-of-a-kind storage furniture piece.

Old suitcases are relined in Swedish linen ready to receive their new contents. Stacked chests with suitcase drawers feature various widths and colors, creating original and modern, vintage furniture for storage. English company JAMESPLUMB, created these amazing chests with old suitcase drawers that add unique accent to interior decorating in vintage style.

Recycling old suitcases for vintage furniture

Recycling old suitcases for wall shelves, retro home decor ideas

Vintage furniture made of old suitcases, room decorating in vintage style

tall chest with drawers made of old suitcases
Chest with drawers made of vintage suitcases, creative and modern vintage furniture design idea

Old suitcases are an excellent material for modern vintage furniture design. Old suitcases, refurbished inside, add charm and character to vintage furniture, offering interesting and surprising combinations of chest drawers.

Designers work together under the moniker JAMESPLUMB, using their creative talents to re-purpose and recycle objects into useful, stylish and unique furniture. They blend juxtapose practical function with sculptural vision.

old suitcases turned into chest drawers
Recycling old suitcases for storage furniture in vintage style

With a one-of-a-kind look each chest with suitcase drawers has a classic yet contemporary appeal. Each suitcase fits neatly into its customized frame, giving vintage furniture design a tidy appearance.

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The chests with suitcase drawers are great for interior decorating in vintage style with the stylish flavor of a contemporary nomadic lifestyle. The vintage furniture with suitcase drawers is a way to make a statement, demonstrating good taste for vintage style and thirst for adventure.

storage furniture in vintage style
Stacked suitcases in metal and wood frames, vintage furniture design

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