Urban Apartment Decorating in Eclectic Style Highlighting Vintage Furniture

white living room decorating in eclectic style

Interior decorating with vintage furniture and decorative accessories is excellent for adding eclectic style to your home or apartment ideas. Spacious and comfortable New York apartment decorating in eclectic style highlights vintage furniture pieces and gives great inspirations for blending modern white decorating ideas with unique vintage accents.


White decorating is jazzed up with bright accents in pink, orange and green colors, infusing fresh feel and stylish look. Wall paintings and old book covers, colorful floor rugs and cushions are great ways to add a splash of color to airy white decorating ideas.

Vintage furniture and lighting fixtures, decorative accessories and wall art look amazing in rooms decorated in a light neutral color palette. Wood floor and comfortable light brown color shades make apartment decorating feel warm and pleasant.

Eclectic interior decorating, no particular style

Eclectic style colors, textures and shapes

Modern interior design in eclectic style with Parisian chic

Apartment decorating ideas creating eclectic style with vintage furniture

bright pink lamp shades and white living room furniture for living room design in eclectic style
Bright pink lamp shades and colorful paintings with white living room furniture

Stainless steel kitchen appliances add contemporary flair to breezy and light apartment decorating ideas, presenting a creative blend of modern and unique vintage decor items.

Beige and gray color shades add elegance to spacious apartment decorating, while bold vivid accents, – pink lamp shades, orange window curtains and various colorful paintings bring charming details in eclectic style.

white kitchen cabinets and floor rug for decorating in vintage style
White kitchen cabinets and floor rug for decorating in vintage style, stainless steel appliances add eclectic style to vintage kitchen decor

  Posted: 06.11.2012 by Decor4all