recycling old suitcases for home furnishings in vintage style

Interior decorating with suitcases in vintage style is eco friendly and creative. Old suitcases bring unique color, texture and design into modern interior decorating and add accents in vintage style that are super modern, nostalgic and romantic. Many people are afraid of adding vintage items, especially…

Recycling old suitcases for attractive vintage furniture pieces is a great idea turning stacked suitcases into beautiful displays and functional decor items in vintage style. Creative chests made from vintage suitcases by British designers Hannah Plumb & James Russell look very interesting, stylish

Unique vintage furniture made of old suitcases bring interesting room decorating theme, inspired by exciting trips, and add charming decorative accents to modern interiors in vintage style. Old suitcases are inspiring and functional home decor items that offer an excellent material for unusual