eclectic decor

interior design ideas in eclectic style with classic furniture and room colors

Classic style brings luxury and ultimate comfort into modern interior design, blending pleasant, neutral colors with bright artworks, romantic, classic details, and contemporary appliances into striking home interiors in eclectic style. Decor4all presents these beautiful, elegant, and modern interior design ideas developed by two designers A.Sahno…

eclectic decor ideas and home accents created with comics prints

Black and white room decorating ideas have great potential to turn home interiors into bright and balanced living spaces. White paint colors and black color accents create bright and harmonious interior decorating, which can be spiced up with colorful accents. Decor4all presents a house renovation project…

eclectic decor and modern interior decorating ideas

Modern decor ideas are surprising and spectacular. Innovative design ideas are blended with creative interior decorating solutions, bright colorful accents and stylish details that produce unexpected and amazing effects. Decor4all shares interesting, colorful and modern interior decorating ideas, unusual lighting design,  room furniture and decor accessories…

modern interior decorating ideas in eclectic style, black white and red colors

Modern interior decorating ideas in eclectic style are always surprising, bold and spectacular. This modern interiors impress with vivid decorative accents and create beautiful rooms with comfortable and elegant atmosphere. French chic and classy techniques turn living spaces into attractive, functional and beautiful home interiors. Decor4all…

modern room decor in eclectic style and vintage details

Eclectic interior style is one of beautiful, creative and modern trends in home decorating. A mix of room colors, textures, forms and decoration patterns, that are united by one idea but belong to various interior decorating styles, creates beautiful, unique and modern home decor in eclectic…

modern interior decorating with bright room colors

Artists Happy Colorful Home decorating ideas from American decorator Darci Goodman surprise, delight, impress and inspire. Cheerful, bright and pleasant, these modern home interiors feature comfortable and colorful decor items that create inviting atmosphere in this house. The modern house is built from scratch and decorated…

modern living room decorating in eclectic style

Rich interior decorating ideas turn contemporary living spaces into luxurious and spectacular rooms in eclectic style that attractively mixes functionality and originality. Envisioned by designers at Ozhan HAZIRLAR, based in Turkey, this open living space looks expensive and dramatic. A spacious villa is located in the…

handmade accessories for home decorating in eclectic style

Rocker chic bohemian decor ideas are cool and impressive. Created by a fashion designer these bohemian decor ideas reflect the way the designer lives and feels the world. Colorful, impressive and effortless home decorating style, combined with love for art and decoration patterns

white living room decorating in eclectic style

Interior decorating with vintage furniture and decorative accessories is excellent for adding eclectic style to your home or apartment ideas. Spacious and comfortable New York apartment decorating in eclectic style highlights vintage furniture pieces and gives great inspirations for blending modern

feathers decorations

Eclectic interior decorating is about the fusion of styles, personal touches and unique collections that make modern home decor feel intimate and interesting, exclusive and charming. If you like to collect unusual items and add your collection to eclectic decor in style, then creative ideas from

unique shelves around the window

Urban Cabin is a small home renovating and interior decorating project from the Portuguese architectural studio Fabio Galeazzo, which turned an abandoned country house into bright and stylish contemporary home. Unique modernistic design and colorful exterior and interior decorating

modern living room design with red murano glass chandelier

Interior decorating in Eastern Mediterranean style from Russian architectural design studio IntraDesign harmoniously blend Italian luxury and exotic Eastern charm. Moscow apartment decorating ideas add eclectic flavor to glamorous Italian motifs and Eastern

interior decorating in eclectic style with unique lighting fixtures and french paintings

Modern interior design in European eclectic style bring Parisian chic into homes, creating intriguing and romantic rooms that celebrate light, colors, textures and art. Parisian style home decorating is great for apartments and homes with high ceiling and beautiful architectural features, large