Table Decoration

floating flower centerpieces and flower arrangements

The floating invisible vase is helpful in creating floral arrangements in small bowls. This unique vase creates beautiful table centerpieces in no time, holding a single flower and floating in the water. The floating vase is designed by the Japanese studio oodesign, and create an…

bright color combinations for summer party decor

Two bright table decor ideas show how to create festive and attractive summer party with flowers in attractive containers, colorful tableware sets, bright chair cushions and simple flower table centerpieces. Bright color combinations and beautiful flowers help turn ordinary outdoor living spaces, like balconies, porches, backyard…

italian party table decoration

Bright party table decoration in a rich green and red color combination of the Italian flag is designed by French decorators from Pralinnette and can inspire you to try this beautiful decorating theme for your party table creating a stunning display with tomatoes, olives and edible…

ceramic tableware and green moss centerpiece idea

Beautiful porch, handmade wood furniture and attractive table decoration ideas in rustic style add charming accents to a cottage or hunting lodge, creating a pleasant place to enjoy the natural landscape, fresh air, delicious meals and drinks. A hunting lodge or rustic wood cabin with an…

green table centerpieces for soring decorating

Elegant table decoration shows simplicity and beauty of natural materials and neutral colors that create relaxing and charming table setting with amazing textures and green centerpieces. Very attractive white tableware creates striking contrasts with green leaves and rattan placemats, emphasizing unique decoration patterns and adding a…

wooden mirrors

These pretty framed mirrors in minimalist style blend functionality of Japanese design with natural materials and bright colors, creating very attractive, comfortable to use and decorative accessories. Japanese minimalist style influences modern furniture and decor accessories, giving them a simple and elegant look, while blending bright…

ceramic tableware with floral patterns

Bright modern tableware sets from Tracy Porter are true table decorations for any special occasion and holidays. The botanical prints, birds images and charming insects in nature inspired rich and vivid colors create artworks for festive, unique and stylish table decoration. Floral patterns and animal images…

colorful pompons for baby room decorating

This room decorating looks colorful and playful, creating a perfect setting for a party. These interior decorating ideas are created for a baby shower party, but can be used for adding charming and colorful ideas for kids birthday party or any other fun occasion. The mama-to-be…

table decorations and centerpieces with grass

Spring home decorating ideas bring colorful flowers and optimistic designed into rooms. Fresh green leaves and blooming tree branches, growing grass and bird images, combined with vivid spring decorating colors symbolize the beautiful season. Nature inspired designs create a unique atmosphere, peaceful and cheerful feel, offering…

tulip flower arrangement

DIY flower arrangements make wonderful table decorations and centerpieces on a budget. DIY vases created with glass bottle or jars look simple and charming. Beautiful flower arrangements turn them into gorgeous table decorations and centerpieces for home decorating, saving you money and bringing more fun into…

dining room decorating with turquoise floor carpet and white with green wallpaper

Emerald green color shades are modern interior trends in home decorating. Emerald green color creates fresh and stylish color combinations with white and turquoise which are great color choices for modern kitchen decor. Green color shades, white and turquoise color combinations

fall crafts for thanksgiving decorating

Handmade fall decorations created with colorful leaves look stunning and natural. Fall leaves tree is a beautiful craft idea found on Decorchick blog, offering attractive and inexpensive fall decor items. Fall leaves and simplicity of this design are blend into a bright and colorful table centerpiece,…

turkey centerpiece idea for thanksgiving decorating

Table centerpieces for Thanksgiving decorating can be simple or complex. It is up to you what style, materials and designs to choose. Creative table centerpieces may feature items you already have at home, or can be designed using something special you can buy at your local…

small candles centerpieces and green napkins for thanksgiving party table decor

Thanksgiving decorating ideas that turn napkins into beautiful individual table centerpieces create amazing party table decor, bringing fall decorating colors and designs into your home. Charming individual table centerpieces are part of the fun

diy table centerpieces and flower arrangements

DIY decorative vases look unusual, interesting and unique, bringing creative design into modern home decor and recycling useless items, upcycling them into beautiful home decorations. Glass tube vases, designed by French artist Aurelle Richard, give a great

handmade halloween party decorations, mini pumpkins in lace bags

35 Halloween party decorations and table centerpieces create a fabulous collection of Halloween decorating ideas, that include gorgeous pumpkin carving and decorating, fall flower arrangements and table candles centerpieces, handmade Halloween decorations and simple

pumpkin tree with sunflowers

Thanksgiving decorating should not be expensive and time consuming. With all the home decorating and crafting experts out there creating vast, amazing and varied ideas for Thanksgiving table centerpieces, it can be difficult to decide which is right for your Thanksgiving table decoration

fall flower arrangements

Simple fall craft ideas for making attractive and colorful fall decorations will help you select the best DIY project to welcome beautiful autumn into your home. Autumn leaves and fall flowers, apples and tea candles make wonderful fall table centerpieces and home decorations. Here are 22…

sunflower centerpiece idea

Simple and colorful fresh flower arrangements make beautiful table centerpieces. A bouquet of bright yellow, orange, red and purple flowers add a cheerful accent to party table decoration and make your fall home decorating ideas look bright and festive. Yellow sunflowers, orange, red

food delievery by train on table

TrackTile table design is a great idea for entertaining your family or guests. Table tiles construct a train track which make transporting food around the table fun for them and for. This unique dining table is a playful blend of handmade wood furniture and transportation theme,…

file holder place mat

Unusual and creative place mats, tableware sets and small kitchen appliances make excellent gifts and interesting table decorations. Various place mats with joyful, retro or funny designs are perfect for themed party table decorating for kids or adults. It is difficult to imagine a person who

glass vase with canape glasses for ice cream

Ice cream flower bouquet made with canape glasses is a nice way to add a striking table centerpiece to your party decor. The beautiful, functional and very decorative accessories from Jakobsen Design add interest and charm to any special occasion or holiday table decoration, surprising guests

crafts for making uniqu gifts and table decorations

Making these DIY lace place mats are a fun craft project, perfect for preparing unique gifts and charming party table decoration for special events or holidays. Each fabric place mat is decorated with lace and cute images of the plate, glass, folk, knife and spoon, creating…

floral arrangement in glass vase for table decoration

This table centerpiece ideas is simple and attractive, and can be enriched with your favorite spring decorations, like butterflies and small birds, paper hearts and personal letters. Daffodil flower arrangements are bright, optimistic and elegant, and they are usually arranged in tall vases

modern tableware sets with space images

Celestial Serving Bowls are modern tableware sets that are perfect for sumptuous table decoration. Attractive bowls, plates and serving trays look like little moons, adding adventurous flavor to party table decor. Modern dnnerware sets add fun to table decor, and are perfect for casual dining or…

table centerpiece made of flowering branches

Spring home decorating with blooming branches look fresh and charming. Gorgeous blooming branches make beautiful table centerpieces for birthday parties and special events in spring, Mothers Day and Easter. Blooming branches are amazing and inexpensive, elegant and eco friendly

playful kids dishes

Playful kids plates, inspired by a transportation theme are wonderful gift ideas for kids and their parents. Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski created interesting kids plates, great for interacting. The set of Transportation Plates is fun tableware that brings the interesting theme into table decor