table centerpieces

table placemats created with white pebbles

Beach pebbles are great material for handmade crafts, interior design and garden decorations. Smooth texture and natural color palette make beach pebbles a wonderful, versatile and very decorative material for making home decorations, table centerpieces, place mats, decorative accents and floor mats, that look unusual and…

ceramic tableware with floral patterns

Bright modern tableware sets from Tracy Porter are true table decorations for any special occasion and holidays. The botanical prints, birds images and charming insects in nature inspired rich and vivid colors create artworks for festive, unique and stylish table decoration. Floral patterns and animal images…

colorful pompons for baby room decorating

This room decorating looks colorful and playful, creating a perfect setting for a party. These interior decorating ideas are created for a baby shower party, but can be used for adding charming and colorful ideas for kids birthday party or any other fun occasion. The mama-to-be…

table decorations and centerpieces with grass

Spring home decorating ideas bring colorful flowers and optimistic designed into rooms. Fresh green leaves and blooming tree branches, growing grass and bird images, combined with vivid spring decorating colors symbolize the beautiful season. Nature inspired designs create a unique atmosphere, peaceful and cheerful feel, offering…

tulip flower arrangement

DIY flower arrangements make wonderful table decorations and centerpieces on a budget. DIY vases created with glass bottle or jars look simple and charming. Beautiful flower arrangements turn them into gorgeous table decorations and centerpieces for home decorating, saving you money and bringing more fun into…

fall crafts for thanksgiving decorating

Handmade fall decorations created with colorful leaves look stunning and natural. Fall leaves tree is a beautiful craft idea found on Decorchick blog, offering attractive and inexpensive fall decor items. Fall leaves and simplicity of this design are blend into a bright and colorful table centerpiece,…

turkey centerpiece idea for thanksgiving decorating

Table centerpieces for Thanksgiving decorating can be simple or complex. It is up to you what style, materials and designs to choose. Creative table centerpieces may feature items you already have at home, or can be designed using something special you can buy at your local…

small candles centerpieces and green napkins for thanksgiving party table decor

Thanksgiving decorating ideas that turn napkins into beautiful individual table centerpieces create amazing party table decor, bringing fall decorating colors and designs into your home. Charming individual table centerpieces are part of the fun

diy table centerpieces and flower arrangements

DIY decorative vases look unusual, interesting and unique, bringing creative design into modern home decor and recycling useless items, upcycling them into beautiful home decorations. Glass tube vases, designed by French artist Aurelle Richard, give a great

yarn christmas tree with red ornaments

Miniature Christmas trees make excellent Christmas table centerpieces, adding a personal touch and original designs to winter holiday decor. Miniature Christmas trees are inexpensive, but beautiful and original Christmas decorations that show your skills and talents while saving your money

handmade halloween party decorations, mini pumpkins in lace bags

35 Halloween party decorations and table centerpieces create a fabulous collection of Halloween decorating ideas, that include gorgeous pumpkin carving and decorating, fall flower arrangements and table candles centerpieces, handmade Halloween decorations and simple

pumpkin tree with sunflowers

Thanksgiving decorating should not be expensive and time consuming. With all the home decorating and crafting experts out there creating vast, amazing and varied ideas for Thanksgiving table centerpieces, it can be difficult to decide which is right for your Thanksgiving table decoration

fall flower arrangements

Simple fall craft ideas for making attractive and colorful fall decorations will help you select the best DIY project to welcome beautiful autumn into your home. Autumn leaves and fall flowers, apples and tea candles make wonderful fall table centerpieces and home decorations. Here are 22…

sunflower centerpiece idea

Simple and colorful fresh flower arrangements make beautiful table centerpieces. A bouquet of bright yellow, orange, red and purple flowers add a cheerful accent to party table decoration and make your fall home decorating ideas look bright and festive. Yellow sunflowers, orange, red

blue decorative vases with dry branches

Glass painting add color to ordinary cheapĀ  clear glass vases, turning them into bright decor accessories and excellent inexpensive gifts. Painted glass vases and bottles are wonderful table decorations for wedding and holidays. Fresh flowers and dry branches or branches with green leaves, berries

glass vase with canape glasses for ice cream

Ice cream flower bouquet made with canape glasses is a nice way to add a striking table centerpiece to your party decor. The beautiful, functional and very decorative accessories from Jakobsen Design add interest and charm to any special occasion or holiday table decoration, surprising guests

floral arrangement in glass vase for table decoration

This table centerpiece ideas is simple and attractive, and can be enriched with your favorite spring decorations, like butterflies and small birds, paper hearts and personal letters. Daffodil flower arrangements are bright, optimistic and elegant, and they are usually arranged in tall vases

table centerpiece made of flowering branches

Spring home decorating with blooming branches look fresh and charming. Gorgeous blooming branches make beautiful table centerpieces for birthday parties and special events in spring, Mothers Day and Easter. Blooming branches are amazing and inexpensive, elegant and eco friendly

colorful candles in paper boat shapes

Nautical decor is an excellent choice for party table decoration. Paper boats and miniature lighthouses, candles, sea shells and driftwood pieces, decorated with small beach pebbles, are simple, elegant and attractive centerpiece ideas, that add unique charm of the nautical theme to party

table decorations and centerpieces

DIY candle centerpiece ideas are excellent for simple and charming table decoration for a dinner party. Candle centerpiece made of orange skin is a beautiful, simple and clever idea that will surprise and delight your guests. The citrus fruit candle centerpiece is perfect for romantic holidays

winter holiday tale decorations and candle centerpiece ideas

Winter inspired food decoration, green branches arrangements, fresh flower bouquets and tea candles make wonderful table centerpieces for New Year’s Eve party. Creative and simple table decorations, sweet treats and good friends are ingredients for fun time and great party to welcome the new

pine cone with red ribbon

Handmade Christmas decorations and simple craft ideas are about peaceful time and creativity. Easy to make, unique and inexpensive homemade Christmas decorations feel nostalgic and warm, offering comfortable Christmas decorating ideas and saving time and energy for celebrating

chinese lantern flowers and red candle centerpiece idea

Decorating ideas in fall holidays that incorporate yellow, red or orange flower arrangements look pretty, bright and festive. Chinese lantern flower arrangements are one of the most attractive choices for creating unique and meaningful Thanksgiving table decorating, Halloween or any other special

white pumpkin vase with fall leaves and apples

Fall holiday decorations, squash, gourd and pumpkin floral arrangements, look gorgeous and creative, adding beautiful green, warm yellow, red and orange colors to table decor and bringing the nature into kitchens and dining rooms. Gourd or pumpkin floral arrangements, decorated with fall

fall ideas for creating inexpensive candles centerpieces for thanksgiving table decoration

Fall ideas for holiday decorations and table centerpieces are inspired by bright fall leaf colors. Thanksgiving table decoration in cheerful and warm orange, yellow and red colors and creative holiday centerpieces with candles add festive mood to kitchens and dining rooms, offering

purple heather flower arrangement designs with butterflies

Beautiful white or purple-pink heather flower arrangements make wonderful home decorations and inspire gorgeous table centerpiece ideas that add the simplicity, elegance and unique Scotish flavor to your home decor. Heather flowers come in light pink, lavender

dried flower centerpiece ideas and table decorations made with small rocks or beach pebbles

Flower centerpieces are traditional table decorating ideas. Diy flower centerpieces, combined with tree branches and beach pebbles in different colors, create unusual, simple and stylish table decorations that add natural and colorful accents and a final touch to your party table