minimalist style

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Minimalist style is one of the contemporary trends in decorating. Minimalist style is perfect for all who appreciate clutter-free, functional and elegant modern interiors. Modern interior design and room decor in minimalist style are practical, functional, and comfortable. The minimalist style adds unique character to spacious,…

Elegant and simple stool design is reminiscent of traditional Japanese furniture, which is functional and unpretentious. The contemporary stool in minimalist style is made of laminated beech wood and demonstrates the simplicity and versatility of contemporary furniture design in minimalist

Modern chairs and armchairs collection from Branca are elegantly simple, comfortable and very decorative. Made of pleasant birch plywood, these contemporary chairs from the Portuguese company playfully present Nordic design blended with organic shape and romantic

Minimalist style appeared in Europe between the 20s and 40s and got popular in the 40s. Interior design in minimalist style reflected the deficit of building and decorating materials, furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and household items after the World War II. The fundamental