antique wood furniture in CHippendale style

The Chippendale interior decorating style of 1750s-1780s offers gorgeous carved wood furniture pieces that are great for beautiful, expensive and modern room decor in vintage style. The Chippendale interior design style was influenced by the Chinese style, Gothic and Georgian styles. The Rococo interior decorating style…

French country home decorating ideas that include antiques, unique vintage furniture and brocante items create fabulous, truly French interiors. Nothing gives character to country home decorating ideas like antique, vintage furniture and second hand items bought on flee markets and in antique shops. These amazingly decorative…

Antiques and retro home decor items are modern trends in decorating. Antique and retro decor, everything that you can find in antiques shops blend modern home decorating ideas with timeless traditions and create stylish and exclusive Bohemian decor styles for very personal, comfortable and beautiful rooms….

Interior decorating with antique portraits, wood furniture and decor in vintage style is a spiritual and creative process. Charming home interiors in vintage style, designed by Jamie Kidson, co-owner of Oakland store Atomic Garden, give great inspirations for all who have antique portrait

Eclectic interior decorating is about the fusion of styles, personal touches and unique collections that make modern home decor feel intimate and interesting, exclusive and charming. If you like to collect unusual items and add your collection to eclectic decor in style, then creative ideas from

Light room decorating ideas and comfortable summer house design from Russian architects are interesting, charming and pleasant. The blend of old European traditions, modern architecture and room decorating ideas, antique and contemporary room decor accessories creates a beautiful

Antiques add chic to interior decorating in classic style. Antique furniture and room decor accessories are a way to accentuate certain architectural features and adorn your home with unique items. Planning is an important part of mastering interior decorating with antique items and creating beautiful