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Simple window decoration is a way to add interesting and comforting designs to your rooms during winter holidays. Winter themed decor ideas look joyous and inviting. Elegant Christmas decorating ideas add charm to winter homes and make driving down a snowy lane with your family in…

Table centerpieces for Thanksgiving decorating can be simple or complex. It is up to you what style, materials and designs to choose. Creative table centerpieces may feature items you already have at home, or can be designed using something special you can buy at your local…

Personalized Christmas tree decorations are a great idea that is surprising and delightful, making your winter holiday decor unique, interesting and unusual. Available from, The TinyGarden, glass Christmas balls with photographs

Miniature Christmas trees make excellent Christmas table centerpieces, adding a personal touch and original designs to winter holiday decor. Miniature Christmas trees are inexpensive, but beautiful and original Christmas decorations that show your skills and talents while saving your money

Traditional Christmas decorating ideas and classic color combination of white, red and green are timeless and are here to stay, perfect for country home decorating and holiday decor in vintage style. However, fresh Christmas decorating ideas and modern winter holiday decorating colors add interest and novelty…

Halloween decorating ideas, black cats, bats, owls, crows and black color that is associated with darkness go together like bread and butter. In many cultures a black cat is considered unlucky, reflecting the cats ability to see at night and mysterious character of this animals. Nocturnal

35 Halloween party decorations and table centerpieces create a fabulous collection of Halloween decorating ideas, that include gorgeous pumpkin carving and decorating, fall flower arrangements and table candles centerpieces, handmade Halloween decorations and simple

Pumpkins are the main symbols of Halloween. Bright orange pumpkins symbolize the harvest time, the evil spirits and the fire that scares them. For many centuries Jack-o-lanterns lit in homes, scaring away evil spirits. Handmade of fabrics and paper pumpkins are a great alternative for families

Thanksgiving decorating should not be expensive and time consuming. With all the home decorating and crafting experts out there creating vast, amazing and varied ideas for Thanksgiving table centerpieces, it can be difficult to decide which is right for your Thanksgiving table decoration

Simple and colorful fresh flower arrangements make beautiful table centerpieces. A bouquet of bright yellow, orange, red and purple flowers add a cheerful accent to party table decoration and make your fall home decorating ideas look bright and festive. Yellow sunflowers, orange, red

This table centerpiece ideas is simple and attractive, and can be enriched with your favorite spring decorations, like butterflies and small birds, paper hearts and personal letters. Daffodil flower arrangements are bright, optimistic and elegant, and they are usually arranged in tall vases

Winter inspired food decoration, green branches arrangements, fresh flower bouquets and tea candles make wonderful table centerpieces for New Year’s Eve party. Creative and simple table decorations, sweet treats and good friends are ingredients for fun time and great party to welcome the new

Handmade Christmas decorations and simple craft ideas are about peaceful time and creativity. Easy to make, unique and inexpensive homemade Christmas decorations feel nostalgic and warm, offering comfortable Christmas decorating ideas and saving time and energy for celebrating

Black and golden colors look spectacular, offering dramatic and stylish Christmas decorating ideas. Dark blue and black winter holiday decorations, jazzed up with golden glitter and embroidery, are modern trends. Fantastic black and golden yellow decorations make striking table centerpieces

Table skirting that covers the front and sides of the table, leaving the top uncovered is a way to add a vintage look to your table decor, creating a soft and romantic table decoration for a special event. Painting table top brought color add cheerful and…

Christmas decorating ideas are influenced by modern interior design trends, bringing modern golden yellow decorations and rich blue colors into modern homes. Dark blue and gold Christmas colors, combined with purple and black, gray and soft cream, white and brown, create stylish Christmas

Mini hats, made of yarn, are simple and inexpensive handmade Christmas decorations that add fun to winter holiday season and create unique Christmas decor. Making simple crafts of yarn for home decorating are enjoyable activities, that are recycling paper and helping get rid of yarn leftovers…

Christmasworld, the largest holiday decorating trade show, offered four color trends for 2011-2012 Christmas decorating and other winter events decor. There are no taboos when it comes to exciting and creative Christmas themes or festive and gentle Christmas colors of 2011-2012 winter holiday

Fall holiday decorations, squash, gourd and pumpkin floral arrangements, look gorgeous and creative, adding beautiful green, warm yellow, red and orange colors to table decor and bringing the nature into kitchens and dining rooms. Gourd or pumpkin floral arrangements, decorated with fall

Halloween party decorations, inspired by famous books, are a wonderful way to celebrate American holiday, creating fresh Halloween ideas and decorating themes for the perfect Halloween party. Unique Halloween party decoration ideas, inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Creative Halloween decorating with pumpkins, fall leaves, apples, hay and dried corn stalks look bright and natural, offering simple Halloween home and yard decorations, inspired by fall colors and harvesting. Hay and corn stalks, fall leaves and apples, tree branches, cute mini pumpkins and gourds

Fall ideas for holiday decorations and table centerpieces are inspired by bright fall leaf colors. Thanksgiving table decoration in cheerful and warm orange, yellow and red colors and creative holiday centerpieces with candles add festive mood to kitchens and dining rooms, offering

Gold and white Christmas theme feels familiar and festive, offering stylish Christmas decor for winter holidays. Gold and white color schemes create bright atmosphere and happy mood that people enjoy.

Winter holiday table decorating transforms an entire home, creating welcoming and festive atmosphere. Simple silver Christmas table centerpieces work well with all home furnishings colors and styles, offering impressive, classy and elegant decorating ideas for Christmas.

Cristmasworld experts help to choose modern colors and Christmas decorations, that will adorn the holiday tree, the dinner table and the house. Traditional and unusual, relaxing and dynamic, there are plenty of modern Christmas decor ideas to suit every taste.