home decorations

The floating invisible vase is helpful in creating floral arrangements in small bowls. This unique vase creates beautiful table centerpieces in no time, holding a single flower and floating in the water. The floating vase is designed by the Japanese studio oodesign, www.oodesign.jp and create an…

Cool pastel colors and modern decor ideas create a fresh feel and spring like feel in your home. Spring decorating with pastel colors is soft and tender. Blending beautiful light blue colors, mint green color tones, citrus yellow colors, romantic pink and purple shades into gorgeous…

Every room decorating can be dramatically transformed with beautiful decorative pillows. Creative designs, gorgeous colors and soft fabric textures enliven room decor. Women dresses and flowers on throw pillows created with lace and sheer fabrics give interior decorating a unique, elegant and romantic look. Beautiful decorative…

Decorative vases are wonderful home decor accessories that add a fresh look, style and elegance to modern home decor instantly. Modern decorative vases come in various shapes, materials, sizes, styles and colors and often look like contemporary artworks that make a statement, enhancing room decor personality….

Your beautiful home decor ideas can feel even more charming and luxurious with simple tips from a famous designer Jonathan Adler. In his new book, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, the designer suggests beautiful home decorating ideas and shows how to turn any room…

This hanging pendant with flowers is designed by Jeniffer Kirk. Charming Boxwood Pendant with Flowers is an unusual flower arrangement that is easy to create. A single pendant or few flower arrangements grouped together are excellent home decorations for special occasions

Constellation pillow covers look unique and unusual, adding character and personality to room decor. Handmade pillow covers, like this Orion Constellation Pillowcase, reflect interests of home owners and demonstrate their talents, bringing interesting and creative themed decorations into living

Appliques, applied to plain pillows dramatically transform room decor, adding unique, bright and unusual accessories to your living spaces. Sew-on fabric appliques and embroidery are great handmade home decor ideas, excellent for updating the appearance of old pillow covers or creating

Country home decorations creates an atmosphere of comfort and add charm to cottage style decor. Country home decorations look cozy and relaxing, helping create pleasant and warm living spaces. Cottage style decor looks amazing with modern and classic style design details. You can choose

Handmade home decorations are fun. They add a beautiful theme, playful accents and interesting toys for kids room decorating creating light and functional, unique and very personal nursery decor. Here is a collection of few simple baby room ideas that bring original handmade home

Winter decorating with deer images, figurines and Christmas tree decorations is symbolic and meaningful. Deer decorations bring the natural theme into modern homes and add interesting and pleasant details to modern home interiors. Creative Christmas decorating and New Year Eve party table

Rocker chic bohemian decor ideas are cool and impressive. Created by a fashion designer these bohemian decor ideas reflect the way the designer lives and feels the world. Colorful, impressive and effortless home decorating style, combined with love for art and decoration patterns

Patriotic decoration ideas feel optimistic and energetic. Familiar and bright decorating color combinations of national flags add dynamic look to patriotic decoration ideas and create beautiful, unusual and modern home interiors with a national accent. Union Jack decor with red

Halloween decorating ideas, black cats, bats, owls, crows and black color that is associated with darkness go together like bread and butter. In many cultures a black cat is considered unlucky, reflecting the cats ability to see at night and mysterious character of this animals. Nocturnal

Cross stitched wood is an interesting trend that shows the beauty of colorful stitches on wood furniture, wall decorations, doors and wooden accessories. Cross stitched look especially gorgeous on reclaimed barn wood pieces, marrying the warmth and unique texture of natural material with youthful feel of…

Fall decor ideas and crafts bring bright autumn leaves colors and unique designs into your home. Nature inspired fall ideas for your home decorating will create relaxing and joyful mood, giving your rooms a rustic, comfortable and pleasant look. Wreath and leaf garlands, candle centerpieces and…

Vintage style mushrooms and butterflies decorations look precious. Made of a piece of recycled cotton or kimono silk, these beautiful decorative accessories are hand stitched. Flaws and odd stitching are expected and celebrated, adding unique charm to vintage style lampshades, walls, furniture or decor

Unique vintage furniture made of old suitcases bring interesting room decorating theme, inspired by exciting trips, and add charming decorative accents to modern interiors in vintage style. Old suitcases are inspiring and functional home decor items that offer an excellent material for unusual

Handmade lighting fixtures from ILIDE are unique, stylish and exclusive. Each lighting fixture is the result of creative design and amazing crafting skills which blend into handmade artisan lighting fixtures, pendant lights and table lamps for gorgeous expressive and emotional Italian decorating

Creative bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts look dynamic and playful, offering unusual home decorations, functional and very decorative home accessories for book shelves. These bookends are handmade from solid steel and heavy enough to hold up few books, decorating