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Tuscan decor ideas are a way to add elegant simplicity and comfort to your homes. Beautiful Tuscan decor ideas from designer Victoria-Maria Geyer, used for redesigning and redecorating of Tuscan interiors of an old villa in Italy are inspiring, creating calming and relaxing atmosphere for peaceful…


The Tuscan home where Luigi Cavalli lives and rests between business trips is located on a hill in Punta Ala, Tuscany. This beautiful Tuscan house is built of local stone, called Pietra di Scarlino, because it is mined in a small town Skarlino, not far from…

Comfortable Tuscan colors, warm yellow-red bedroom decorating ideas, inspired by beautiful wine country sunsets, and various textures create welcoming and cozy Tuscan bedroom designs.

Light blue and green colors, inspired by beautiful surroundings, create airy bedroom decor. Soft colors and comfortable bedroom decorating ideas represent the elegance and simplicity of Tuscan decorating style.

Tuscan interior design style about comfort, nature inspired colors, beautiful fabrics, food and fun.

Tuscan home decorating ideas about nature, food, wine and people. Comfortable and colorful house decorating ideas create unique, welcoming and warm Tuscan decorating style.

Tuscan style kitchens and dining rooms feel inviting and romantic. Wooden ceiling beams, white, green or red kitchen cabinets, yellow dream wall paint, glass and metal kitchen decor accent make Tuscan style cozy and warm.