gift ideas

Night lights that softly illuminate rooms can add stylish accents to interior decorating. LED lights make night light designs energy saving and eco friendly. Unusual shapes, colors and interesting materials or techniques used for making night lights, make these lighting fixtures true home decorations

Diy book case is a great project, inspired by the original design of Vintage Books Boxed Set which is available from Anthropology catalog for $1,400. A one-of-a-kind set in a custom made case is curated by Kinsey Marable, who left his job as an investment banker…

Unusual and creative place mats, tableware sets and small kitchen appliances make excellent gifts and interesting table decorations. Various place mats with joyful, retro or funny designs are perfect for themed party table decorating for kids or adults. It is difficult to imagine a person who

Portable folding chair is made out of bent plywood and polypropylene. Folding chair that turns into a bag is a great gift idea for travelers, musicians, teachers and students. Simple and elegant, this chair design looks stylish, featuring warm wooden brown colors, pleasant geometric

Pebbles Carpet is an attractive indoor carpet made out of stone pebbles sown one by one between two layers of synthetic fabric. This floor carpet is unusual and functional. The floor rug hides real pebbles inside and is excellent for massaging your feet and training foot…

Creative bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts look dynamic and playful, offering unusual home decorations, functional and very decorative home accessories for book shelves. These bookends are handmade from solid steel and heavy enough to hold up few books, decorating

Home accents from Lladro are charming porcelain art works that add wonderful retro style flavor to room decorating and make excellent gifts for Mothers Day or birthdays. Lladro presented a new spring collection 2012, that include delightful and meaningful decorating accessories for modern

Playful kids plates, inspired by a transportation theme are wonderful gift ideas for kids and their parents. Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski created interesting kids plates, great for interacting. The set of Transportation Plates is fun tableware that brings the interesting theme into table decor

Swan feathers decorations with handmade paintings from Ian Davey are unique, tender and beautiful. Inspired by Maori art and spectacular beauty of New Zealand, a Maori artist, who lives now in England, creates wonderful paintings on bird feathers that make gorgeous gifts and home decorations

Wool paintings make charming wall decorations and unique handmade gifts. Painting with wool fiber is one of fun craft ideas for adults and kids that celebrate the beauty of this natural material. You need just few wool rovings or yarn skeins in different colors for creating…

Mini hats, made of yarn, are simple and inexpensive handmade Christmas decorations that add fun to winter holiday season and create unique Christmas decor. Making simple crafts of yarn for home decorating are enjoyable activities, that are recycling paper and helping get rid of yarn leftovers…

Creatively decorated wine glass, cocktail or beer glass is a wonderful table decoration and great gift for Fathers Day or your dads birthday. A glass with a meaningful, symbolic or funny images bring more light, joy, love and fun into your fathers life and pleasantly surprise your dad on Fathers Day.

20 simple ideas and table decorations, that can be made by children, will help select the perfect Fathers Day present for your Dad. Meaningful handmade Fathers Day gifts create festive atmosphere and make fathers feel special and happy

Simple glass painting patterns and easy craft ideas create fabulous personalized gifts, unique home decorations and table centerpieces that add beauty to modern room decor.