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Naked Decor sells interesting and attractive designer pillows that are available individually and in pairs sharing one image of cats or dogs. Cute decorative cushions are presented by handsome young men, which photographs are supposed to attract more customers and increase the sale. Women buy decorative…

Modern interior decorating with zigzag prints and wavy decorative patterns jazz up room decor like nothing else. Zigzags are great decorative patterns for the floor and walls, furniture painting and home fabrics. Zigzags feel dynamic and bold, creating eye-catchy  designs. Decorative zig-zag patterns and prints make…

Interesting and unique vintage style is a nice way to creating the right atmosphere in your living spaces that feel romantic and sentimental, comfortable and romantic. Vintage style decorating ideas have an aesthetic appeal and allow to add a great feeling of comfort and personality to…

Beautiful house renovation transforms spaces into stylish contemporary loft.  house renovations. Very creative home decorating ideas and unorthodox approach to interior design, blended with style and taste created amazing modern interiors that are interesting and impressive. A large four story London townhouse looks contemporary and stylish…

Interior decorating ideas that incorporate light purple color shades in home decor turn rooms into romantic, peaceful, stylish and gorgeous living spaces. Tender and calming, elegant interior decorating with light purple color shades is a way to create balance and tranquil atmosphere in stylish

Large pillows that turn into sleeping bags or contemporary seats look like toys, playful and adventurous, perfect for lazy living. Creative and decorative home accessories impress and delight with surprisingly simple and elegant  design, pleasant color combinations

Knits and knitted home furnishings, like lamp shades, decorative pillows, blankets, furniture covers and floor rugs, are one of modern trends in decorating that has the power to stay. Designers reinvented knitting crafts, rediscovered the value of unique home furnishings that bring

Beautiful apartment ideas blend modern home furnishings in classic style with exclusive and spectacular Art Deco decor accents, creating elegant and functional rooms for adults and children. The fusion of styles and luxurious apartment ideas transformed this old flat in Kiev, Ukraine into

Handmade decor accessories save money and add a personal touch to modern interior decorating. Decor4all collection of 15 simple and beautiful handmade decor accessories that recycle old scarves and leaf over fabrics might inspire

Modern country style decor ideas are inspired by a relaxing and peaceful, small village atmosphere and create warm and comfortable interiors that feature natural materials and decorating color combinations. Simple and unpretentious, rustic or elegant, country style decor is a popular

Beautiful English cottage showcases modern interior design and decor spiced up with French country home decorating ideas, reclaimed wood and brick, and light gray color shades. Elegant French furniture in pleasantly light neutral colors, natural materials and white decorating ideas create charming

Seagrass and rattan furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures, designed by American company Palecek, showcase a creative blend of natural materials, traditional weaving techniques and modern design ideas, offering stylish, comfortable and eco friendly products

Elegant and simple stool design is reminiscent of traditional Japanese furniture, which is functional and unpretentious. The contemporary stool in minimalist style is made of laminated beech wood and demonstrates the simplicity and versatility of contemporary furniture design in minimalist

Winter home decorating with knitted furniture and decor items feel cozy and warm. Knitted furniture upholstery fabrics, throws and pillows, floor rugs and storage baskets, vases and even tableware with knitted details are modern interior trends 2013 that celebrate unique handmade designs

Interior decor ideas in pop art style look unique, extraordinary and bold. Pop art style is one of the most humorous, provocative and amusing interior decorating style, popular among young and bohemian artists and designers and perfect for decorating beauty salons and design studios. People who

Dark chocolate brown colors are deep dark and comforting tones of brown color, celebrating rich and cozy home decorating color trends. Dark brown room colors, – interior paint, modern wallpaper designs, home furniture and decor accessories in dark brown color, – look very attractive and elegant

Gorgeous large wood dining tables invite to spend extra time in the dining room with family and friends. Country home decorating style  is a perfect way to create beautiful, welcoming and comfortable dining rooms. Large wood dining tables, colorful cottage tables and stunning

Unusual bed designs amuse and impress with creative design ideas, bringing unique decorating themes into bedroom decor. Creative bed designs look fantastic, making statements and adding spice to bedroom decorating ideas. Here is a collection of 30 unusual bed designs

Here are 40 handbag storage solutions that every woman wants to look at. Big and small handbags, formal purses and beach bags, made of fabric and leather needs to be stored to preserve their good looks. Creative storage ideas and space organizers offer many options for…

Modern furniture and decor accessories, designed by Italicn architect Piero Lissoni, elegant, functional and stylish. His furniture design blends architectural forms and modern art. Room decor accessories look gorgeous, bringing graphic patterns, photographic images and bright colors

Blue color for bedroom decorating is a calming and peaceful choice. Blue color tones, from cool light shades to rich blue hues, are colors that add unique character to bedroom decorating ideas, showing a strong personality and creating relaxing mood. Here are 10 wonderful bedroom decorating

Room decorating ideas that include a rocking chair look inviting, relaxing and familiar. Antique, traditional and contemporary rocking chairs make room decor feel cozy and calming. Everyone likes these functional and always modern furniture items that add comfort, interest and fun to room decorating ideas

Black and white decorating ideas bring dramatic transformations into old house rooms, creating fresh and airy home interiors with light and spacious feel. Old house interiors, decorated in black and white look interesting and warm with wood furniture, green house plants and colorful accents

Modern interior design and decorating ideas from Staffan Tollgard Design Group demonstrate unique style that blend Asian and Scandinavian functionality with a strong appreciation of furniture as sculptural art. Two story Kensington penthouse in London is one of their latest projects that created gorgeous and stylish…

Tropical home decorating ideas inspired by Sew View Villa room decor are a way to create spectacular and exclusive home interiors for luxurious, relaxing and pleasant lifestyle. Beautiful Sea View Villa resort is located in Kamala, Phuket, offering breath taking views and stunning room decor

Contemporary lighting fixtures with mirrored lamp shades from MOOOI look futuristic, adding more light and shine to modern home decor and creating bright atmosphere. Mirrored lamp shades make contemporary lighting fixtures look like guests from the future, offering unusual hanging lamps for interior

Home furnishings from the collection Ralph Lauren Home are luxurious and comfortable. A well known brand develops modern interior decorating ideas in addition to being a famous fashion house. Stylish home furnisings from Ralph Lauren Home collections include modern furniture and decor accessories