decorative pillows

Handmade decor accessories save money and add a personal touch to modern interior decorating. Decor4all collection of 15 simple and beautiful handmade decor accessories that recycle old scarves and leaf over fabrics might inspire

Light and colorful decorative fabrics liven up outdoor decor with a splash of color and beautiful summer flower or leaf patterns. Modern outdoor home fabrics are durable, mold and fade-resistant, perfect for summer decorating. Bright or white outdoor decorating ideas that include home

Gian Sleeping Cat Couch designed by Belgian designers, participating in a unique interior decorating project HABITAT 2010,  interpreting the Living theme and decorating few rooms in an empty building in unique and creative style. One of the rooms was decorated with a large Sleeping Cat Couch

Unique vintage camera pillows are quite unusual and interesting decorative accessories, inspired by camera designs. Original photographs printed on canvas make beautiful fabric for making decorative pillows for sofas and chairs, adding character and charm of vintage style to your room decor

Vintage furniture and decor accessories add unique character to modern interior decorating. Antique or modern chairs in retro style, combined with functional and decorative accessories, lighting fiztures, wall decorations, throws and pillows are excellent for modern interior decorating in retro style

Window seat designs vary in styles and sizes, and window seat decorating ideas can be very different, luxurious or simple and practical. Traditional or contemporary window seat designs add more comfort and functionality to interior decor and charm to large or small window designs, creating unique

Beautiful living room furniture collection Disfatto is created by Italian designer Denis Guidone for D3CO and includes soft and comfortable sofas and chairs in various bright colors. The back of the sofas and chairs are made of a squashy large pillows, offering a cozy, warm, nest-like…

Modern home decorating ideas from Studio Verijet reflect design trends in decorative fabrics and furniture. Fur and upholstery fabrics with animal prints, textures that remind fur or leather and contemporary shapes of modern furniture pieces blend into modern home decor ideas

Making pillows in bright Gypsy style is a nice way to add a splash of color and romantic flavor to modern home furnishings. Gypsy style is in vogue, and craft ideas that use colorful fabrics with prints create cheerful room decor accessories for unusua living room…

Decorative cushions are home accessories that everybody, adults and kids love. Large pillows, inspired by favorite foods, are the best for creating festive room decor. Flat and bean bag style decorative cushions in colorful pillow covers offer bright accents and functional home accessories

Patchwork fabric patterns inspire modern interior design trends that bring color and creative ideas into modern  room decorating. Wall decor ideas that look like patchwork fabric and furniture upholstery, window curtains

Stylish living room furnishings, – modern home accessories and furniture, beautiful decorative fabrics and textiles, are important interior decorating elements that create attractive, comfortable and modern room design and pleasant atmosphere. Decorative fabrics

Fall is a beautiful Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations theme. Colorful Pumpkins decorative pillows make wonderful gifts, fall decor accessories, Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations, inspired by harvesting and striking fall leaf colors. Making pillows of decorative