wood furniture

Modern interior decorating in colonial style is a remarkable blend of European and Asian or European and Latin American furniture, decor accessories and architectural elements that came from different cultures, – Burma, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam or Central

TrackTile table design is a great idea for entertaining your family or guests. Table tiles construct a train track which make transporting food around the table fun for them and for. This unique dining table is a playful blend of handmade wood furniture and transportation theme,…

Portable folding chair is made out of bent plywood and polypropylene. Folding chair that turns into a bag is a great gift idea for travelers, musicians, teachers and students. Simple and elegant, this chair design looks stylish, featuring warm wooden brown colors, pleasant geometric

Bravo Chair design is developed by a young Dutch designer for providing some rest during long study sessions. Curvy wooden chair backrest with a soft red cushion looks cozy and provides a comfortable position for a quick rest or just changing the body position for taking…

Window seat designs vary in styles and sizes, and window seat decorating ideas can be very different, luxurious or simple and practical. Traditional or contemporary window seat designs add more comfort and functionality to interior decor and charm to large or small window designs, creating unique

Dining chairs and tables designed by EGO zeroventiquattro blend acient Italian traditions and modern furniture design ideas, creating beautiful dining furniture for charming dining room decorating. Woodworking and manufacturing finishes keep the spirit of Tuscan factories

Modern dining room decorating ideas should be functional, comfortable and very attractive. Modern dining room is the area which can be seen from the living room, so dining room decorating ideas should complement living room design and decor, and create a harmonious blend with the modern

Contemporary wall heaters and retro style radiators are functional room decor items and stylish home decorations. Made of solid wood or wooden products covers for decorating old room heaters are useful decorative accessories that  make the heating source designs safe, soft and pleasant to touch

Modern house design projects by Yuri Ryntovt surprise and delight. Attractive architectural interiors and decor create interesting and functional living spaces, offering beautiful and unique contemporary homes in Ukraine. This modern house is located in Kharkiv region and built

Luxurious penthouse design in Mumbai, India is an impressive project, developed by Rajiv Saini. Modern interior design ideas combine light color palette and spacious layout, natural materials, like wood and stone with soft textures, unique lighting fixtures and comfortable furnishings

Beautiful living room furniture collection Disfatto is created by Italian designer Denis Guidone for D3CO and includes soft and comfortable sofas and chairs in various bright colors. The back of the sofas and chairs are made of a squashy large pillows, offering a cozy, warm, nest-like…

Balinese decor looks warm and cosy. Exotic rustic home decorating ideas are spiced up with unique furniture,  Indonesian art and handicrafts that create beautiful and colorful home interiors. Balinese decor brings colorful tropical home decorating ideas that feel romantic and luxurious, comfortable

Spacious contemporary interior decorating ideas emphasize beautiful architectural features of this new house design, completed in 2011. Wooden ceiling, floor and walls, simple and elegant wood furniture and impressive lighting fixtures in airy home interiors make Hawkesbury Residence

Three-story penthouse, located in Sochi, is an interesting project, developed by a Russian architect Vladislav Zabolotniy. Beautiful three level penthouse in a prestigious apartment building offer luxurious interior decorating and a picturesque panoramic view of the city

Old wooden furniture decoration with stencils is a great way to add a personal touch to home furnishings. Decorating wooden furniture and floor, room decor accessories and the ceiling with stencils and paints are an excellent technique for exploring charming, unique and inexpensive shabby chic

Elegant interior decorating ideas from Studio B Architects are grea for creating spacious and simple contemporary home, wedged between hills beneath Shadow Mountain. Large windows and light interior decorating colors celebrate expansive views and sunny location, providing peaceful

Contemporary interior decorating ideas are inspired by the panoramic coastal hill veiw. Glass and wood create light and warm room decor, and sliding glass doors add more comfort to the house design. Wood, glass and natural stone blend into balanced and attractive interior decorating

Modern interior decorating ideas from Mexican architects look spacious and dramatic. Casa Camino is located in Chihuahuan desert, a unique place of diverse natural life and stunning beauty. Large windows and free flowing space concept allow to enjoy the picturesque view from any room