white wreath with stars

Wreaths made of coffee filters look unusual, tender and very attractive, offering creative, interesting and inexpensive home decorations for any room. Coffee filters wreaths are light. These decorative accessories can be used for fantastic wall decorating, also they look wonderful on doors

handmade fabric applique ideas

Appliques, applied to plain pillows dramatically transform room decor, adding unique, bright and unusual accessories to your living spaces. Sew-on fabric appliques and embroidery are great handmade home decor ideas, excellent for updating the appearance of old pillow covers or creating

diy table centerpieces and flower arrangements

DIY decorative vases look unusual, interesting and unique, bringing creative design into modern home decor and recycling useless items, upcycling them into beautiful home decorations. Glass tube vases, designed by French artist Aurelle Richard, give a great

yarn christmas tree with red ornaments

Miniature Christmas trees make excellent Christmas table centerpieces, adding a personal touch and original designs to winter holiday decor. Miniature Christmas trees are inexpensive, but beautiful and original Christmas decorations that show your skills and talents while saving your money

blue painted wooden letters, welcome

Wooden letter designs personalize interior decorating in a moment.  A wooden letter and a number are meaningful and original home decorations that are creative and simple to make. You can easily cut out thick and sturdy wooden letters, numbers and signs out of pieces of wood…

floor mat made of plastic tape lines

A plastic tape measure can be used for creating interesting, whimsical and cheap home decorations. Using a tape measure for simple and surprising crafts is one of handmade trends in decorating and modern fashion. Lots of small accessories and various jewelry pieces for man and women…

recycling cups for bedroom organizer and jewelry storage

DIY bedroom organizers are great craft projects blending recycling ideas and creative design. DIY bedroom organizers bring more comfort into modern homes, offering attractive storage solutions for your belts and jewelry pieces. Unusual and interesting bedroom organizers restore order

globe decorated with buttons

Earth globes are vintage items that can be recyled for creative lighting fixtures and home decorations in vintage style. Old globes can be fond on flea markets or attics. They can be turned into amazing home decorations, lighting fixtures or practical and unusual storage containers. Here…

glass painting design idea

This unique decorative vase is created with tape and paint, transforming an ordinary clear glass vase into a gorgeous centerpiece. The technique is simple and easy, and the best part of this DIY home decorating project is that the same method can be applied to any…

diy book page holders

Here is a collection of smart and attractive book page holder designs that are inspiring and ingeniously simple. These amazing book page holders are very creative and original, and can be easily and quickly made of fabric or flexible foam hair rollers, paperclips, craft wire and…

fall flowers wreath for door decorating

Fall flowers and leaves are excellent decorating materials for making inexpensive, bright and attractive Fall wreath, front door or interior door and wall decorations. Beautiful colors of fall flowers and leaves turn simple, easy to make wreaths into striking fall decorations that attract attention

homemade padded hanger in pink color

Delicate and stylish padded hangers that they have in some lingerie boutiques can be in your closet. Padded hangers look so much better than the ordinary wooden or wired hangers, and they keep the shape of your favorite dresses without creases or shoulder bumps. If you like…

wood furniture, shngle cabinet

This Shingles cabinet by Field Day look dressed up and unusual, demonstrating a creative furniture design and a classy form. Shingles is a handmade wooden cabinet that is covered in cedar shingles. It features a traditional wooden frame, which is available in two colors, natural wood…

fall flower arrangements

Simple fall craft ideas for making attractive and colorful fall decorations will help you select the best DIY project to welcome beautiful autumn into your home. Autumn leaves and fall flowers, apples and tea candles make wonderful fall table centerpieces and home decorations. Here are 22…

recycled crafts and jewelry storage ideas

25 diy jewelry organizers look creative and inspiring, and will help you to find the perfect storage solution for your jewelry. Recycling home fabrics and wood, everyday objects or tree branches for creating unique jewelry organizers are fun ideas. These original designs that are also functional

cross stitch pattern for wall decoration

Cross stitch patterns in bright colors can be quickly made with Washi tapes. This fun material and interesting wall decorating ideas allow to create temporary accents on empty walls, beautifying your interior decor. Painter tapes in various colors work well also for these wonderfully

handmade home decoration and christmas gift

Cross stitched wood is an interesting trend that shows the beauty of colorful stitches on wood furniture, wall decorations, doors and wooden accessories. Cross stitched look especially gorgeous on reclaimed barn wood pieces, marrying the warmth and unique texture of natural material with youthful feel of…

crocheted floor rug with led lights

Night lights that softly illuminate rooms can add stylish accents to interior decorating. LED lights make night light designs energy saving and eco friendly. Unusual shapes, colors and interesting materials or techniques used for making night lights, make these lighting fixtures true home decorations

book storage ideas

Diy book case is a great project, inspired by the original design of Vintage Books Boxed Set which is available from Anthropology catalog for $1,400. A one-of-a-kind set in a custom made case is curated by Kinsey Marable, who left his job as an investment banker…

white and blue curtains and decorative pillows

Outdoor curtains are a beautiful addition to porch and patio designs that provide more privacy and good protection from the sun, adding style and comfort to your summer decorating ideas. Outdoor curtains can be styled as tab curtain, rod pocket, grommet curtains and made of heavy

blue decorative vases with dry branches

Glass painting add color to ordinary cheap  clear glass vases, turning them into bright decor accessories and excellent inexpensive gifts. Painted glass vases and bottles are wonderful table decorations for wedding and holidays. Fresh flowers and dry branches or branches with green leaves, berries

ceramic plate collage for decorating large wall

Decorative plates transform empty walls into lovely displays, adding charming  accents, beautiful designs and color to rooms. If you have old or extra mix matched plates, the collage made of white plates or ceramic plates in various colors is a nice idea for decorating a large…

wall decoration in vintage style

DIY jewelry organizer is a nice storage solution for many jewelry pieces that you do not know where to put. Jewelry is beautiful, and it is a good wall decoration idea. You can put it on display inside an attractive metal or wooden oval frame, creating…

unique furniture decoration ideas

Recycling ideas offer interesting craft and DIY projects that help declutter homes and create unusual and attractive furniture and decor accessories for your rooms, balconies and backyards. Turning a folding lawn chair into a unique furniture piece adds a personal touch to your beautiful sun rooms

unique handmade outdoor decor and backyard ideas

Recycling old shoes and boots for plants and flowers containers offer inspiring and creative DIY projects for outdoor rooms decorating. Shoes and boots are excellent material for unique garden decorations that add fun and whimsical design to your deck or porch design, front yard

bay window design with sofa

Window seat designs vary in styles and sizes, and window seat decorating ideas can be very different, luxurious or simple and practical. Traditional or contemporary window seat designs add more comfort and functionality to interior decor and charm to large or small window designs, creating unique

decorative accessories vases made of glass jars

Hanging vases created of empty glass jars, metal cans or old pitches can make beautiful decorative accessories for your your porch or kitchen interior, adding a unique touch to home decorating in simple and relaxing style. Easy DIY projects for creating hanging vases are a way…