furniture design

Gian Sleeping Cat Couch designed by Belgian designers, participating in a unique interior decorating project HABITAT 2010,  interpreting the Living theme and decorating few rooms in an empty building in unique and creative style. One of the rooms was decorated with a large Sleeping Cat Couch

Bravo Chair design is developed by a young Dutch designer for providing some rest during long study sessions. Curvy wooden chair backrest with a soft red cushion looks cozy and provides a comfortable position for a quick rest or just changing the body position for taking…

Unique furniture collection by Maurizio Galante look like large and small cacti. Realistic looking fabric print make sofas and footrests look so interesting and unusual. Eco friendly furniture is one of green ideas for design experiments and an attempt to create a harmonious blend of natural…

Modern office furniture set from Italian designer Roberto Lazzeroni includes a writing table in black and ginger brown colors and a chair that adds the charm of retro furniture to office decor. The modern¬† office furniture pieces are created for Poltrona Frau, an Italian furniture manufacture…

Unique furniture set from 56th Studio are incredible and bright. Simpsons chair set looks bold, humorous and playful. Unique furniture design ideas are innovative and entertaining, making kids and adults smile and talk about popular characters that inspired these designer chairs

Recycling ideas offer interesting craft and DIY projects that help declutter homes and create unusual and attractive furniture and decor accessories for your rooms, balconies and backyards. Turning a folding lawn chair into a unique furniture piece adds a personal touch to your beautiful sun rooms

Vintage furniture collection from Les Valises is designed by Emmanuelle Legavre and available from EL Paris. Her functional and modern furniture design ideas are inspired by trunks and old suitcases, and offer attractive ad interesting retro decor items for adding unique charm and character to home

Surfing decorating theme brings adventurous mood into modern furniture design. Surf-ace table and benches by English design studio Duffy London translate the visual language into functional dining furniture. Made of beautiful balsa wood surfboards are transformed into dining furniture

Macrame hanging chair Melati is unusual and charming. A handing chair with simple and elegant floral designs is a modern decoration and a nice way to add unique furniture design and pleasant colors to your room, porch or backyard ideas and create beautiful outdoor rooms or…

Dining chairs and tables designed by EGO zeroventiquattro blend acient Italian traditions and modern furniture design ideas, creating beautiful dining furniture for charming dining room decorating. Woodworking and manufacturing finishes keep the spirit of Tuscan factories

Modern dining room decorating ideas should be functional, comfortable and very attractive. Modern dining room is the area which can be seen from the living room, so dining room decorating ideas should complement living room design and decor, and create a harmonious blend with the modern

Modern home furnishings in Renaissance style look striking and luxurious. Modern room furniture, especially bedroom and living room furniture look like works of art in classic style. Room furniture, decorative fabrics and decor accessories in Renaissance style emphasize the ancient craft

Playful kids furniture design ideas add fun and joy into interior decorating of kids rooms. Kids rooms look more stylish and functional with designer chairs and other furniture items, offering comfortable, safe and stimulating living spaces for children. Mini Togo chairs look like kids toys that…

Modern furniture design in neoplasticism style reduces form to horizontal and vertical lines and uses the primary colors black, white, gray, red, blue and yellow. Modern furniture design in neoplastisism style by Manuel Barbereri is an intent to remove any realism from the traditional furniture pieces

Beautiful living room furniture collection Disfatto is created by Italian designer Denis Guidone for D3CO and includes soft and comfortable sofas and chairs in various bright colors. The back of the sofas and chairs are made of a squashy large pillows, offering a cozy, warm, nest-like…

Famous chair designs by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld demonstrate unique furniture in De Stjil style or neoplasticism style. His iconic red-blue chair was created in 1918 – 1923, and looks impressive, interesting and bold today. Simple and elegant, innovative and bright, the red-blue chair

Modern furniture for living room or bedroom by Paolo Lucchetta is impressive, comfortable and luxurious. Baroque decoration is highly ornamental and decorative, adding charming home furnishings and gorgeous furniture decoration details to functional and elegant furniture for living room

TANTO bean bag is more than a soft furniture item. Bean bag design adds a familiar and friendly image of an elephant to kids rooms, brightening up the entire space and creating very interesting kids decor. TANTO bean bag is a modern furniture design concept which…

Modern living room furniture design trends bring the fusion of styles, fresh color combinations and unexpected blend of materials, creating striking sofas and chairs. Carved wood furniture and luxurious upholstery fabrics, elegant and simple contemporary sofas and chairs, decorated

Wall light that looks Darth Maul Lightsaber and USS Enterprise coffee table bring an exciting home decorating theme into room decor. Interesting and impressive, realistic and functional, Darth Maul Lightsaber wall light and USS Enterprise coffee table are designed for fans of Star Wars

One of modern interior design trends 2012 brings luxurious furniture and decorative fabrics into home interiors, inspired by splendid and elegant Louis XV style. Italian company TURRI designs beautiful furniture pieces for gorgeous and exclusive room decorating with French charm and Italian

Modern home furnishings from Karim Rachid, developed for BoConcept, create a new stylish collection of contemporary furniture and room decor accessories, made of wood, glass and plastic. Elegant and light the Ottawa Collection is a complete dining room set with the table, chairs, sideboard

Modern home decorating ideas from Studio Verijet reflect design trends in decorative fabrics and furniture. Fur and upholstery fabrics with animal prints, textures that remind fur or leather and contemporary shapes of modern furniture pieces blend into modern home decor ideas

Stool Remida from Italian company Zanotts is en example of passionate and artistic Italian furniture design. Stool Remida is a remake of anamt garde model, designed in 1922 by futurist artist Fortunato Depero. A friend of Umberto Boccioni, the artist studied sculpture, inventing and creating

Pouffles is a creative collection of colorful and unusual poufs and ottomans from Australian-American designer Ainslie for creating unique, interesting and modern home interiors. Convenient poufs and ottomans, made of upholstery fabrics with unusual prints, are perfect furniture design

Beautiful furniture upholstery fabrics, bright furniture painting ideas and classic design make a new collection of Moissonnier furniture for living rooms and bedrooms outstanding. The updated collection of vintage furniture upholstery, new details, modern colors and furniture painting ideas

Fine vintage furniture and retro decor accessories are one of modern interior trends. The vintage furniture collection Richards Trunks is inspired by a traveler trunk and made of reclaimed oak wood, leather and bronze parts. Combined with antique and rare retro decor items, vintage