wall decoration

Modern interior decorating with tapestry wall hangings adds luxury and an exquisite look to room decor. Fabulous wall tapestries in many different styles enhance home interiors and bring elegance and beautiful texture into rooms. Gorgeous wall decorations, tapestry hangings can be used as throws and drapes…

Your beautiful home decor ideas can feel even more charming and luxurious with simple tips from a famous designer Jonathan Adler. In his new book, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, the designer suggests beautiful home decorating ideas and shows how to turn any room…

A unique quilt makes a lovely wall decoration. Using basic craft tools you can create fabulous contemporary wall art for your empty walls. Old quilts can be transformed into beautiful wall decorations also. Here are few gorgeous, unusual and inspiring craft ideas from Anne Brenneke

Beautiful, stylish and creative apartment ideas turned a flat in Paris into a fairy tale home. Modern interior decorating ideas are inspired by the tale Little Red Riding Hood and skillfully developed by architects with Italian studio Adelaide Testa

Gorgeous floor and wall decoration by British artist Charlotte Mann are amazing, stunning and inspiring. Her floor and wall drawings create beautiful drawn room installations and pleasant visual illusions. These densely detailed drawings of rooms on ceiling and walls are invariably made

Beautiful wallpapers, called Brooklyn Tins, create a gorgeous line of faux wallpapers that are available for purchasing and ceiling or wall decorating with unique designs and charming vintage style. Unique, photo-realistic modern wallpapers are based on Victorian press-tin

Handjob Hooks are a collection of creative home accessories that inspired by human gestures. Unusual hooks add fun to home storage ideas, communicating various emotions associated with gestures. Inspired by familiar gestures that are widely spread and popular, these unique home

Orange color shades look bright and warm, making objects appear closer and larger. Orange colors and decorating color combinations with white, gray, brown, yellow, blue and green tones are great for visual changing dimensions and balancing rooms proportions, creating cheerful and cozy

Modern wall decoration ideas are exciting, offering beautiful wallpapers, vinyl stickers and photo wall murals that come in various sizes, colors and themes, and are suitable for any room. Photo artworks and modern wall murals are excellent decorating ideas for those who prefer the high quality

Cross stitch patterns in bright colors can be quickly made with Washi tapes. This fun material and interesting wall decorating ideas allow to create temporary accents on empty walls, beautifying your interior decor. Painter tapes in various colors work well also for these wonderfully

Striped wallpaper patterns are a vibrant modern design trend in wall coverings. Attractive and bright or elegant and calming striped wallpaper patterns by Tapeten Agentur are perfect for your empty walls. Stylish colors and trendy color combinations will create bold splashes

Modern kitchen backsplashes reflect latest interior trends and the development of new technologies that add new materials and allow to create exciting designs, blending the traditions with contemporary style. Kitchen backsplash designs become more decorative. Instead of designing

Patchwork wall design is a modern interior trend that is inspired by patchwork fabrics and a craft that was born out of frugality. Women would save scraps of fabrics until they had enough to piece together a quilt. Stylish patchwork wall decor, created of different tiles,…

Simple party decorations ideas from designers and decorators offer nice and cheap ways to add festive designs to rooms and outdoor spaces, and create  bright atmosphere for your party. A garland on the wall with colorful flags, made of vinyl wall stickers in different colors, are…

Decorative plates transform empty walls into lovely displays, adding charming  accents, beautiful designs and color to rooms. If you have old or extra mix matched plates, the collage made of white plates or ceramic plates in various colors is a nice idea for decorating a large…

Amazing paintings on white ceramic plates by artist Molly Hatch are a great idea for unique wall decoration, and an elegant way of adding charming historic and natural scenes to your room decor. The collection of decorative plates with black drawings was presented at Sofa New…

DIY jewelry organizer is a nice storage solution for many jewelry pieces that you do not know where to put. Jewelry is beautiful, and it is a good wall decoration idea. You can put it on display inside an attractive metal or wooden oval frame, creating…

Posters and large prints enhance the atmosphere and dramatically change the appearance of your office or home interiors. Posters are an inexpensive and quick way to refresh interior decorating with no time consuming renovation works. Relaxing landscapes or seascapes, contemporary

White decorating with yellow color accents and space saving contemporary apartment ideas from German architect Gerd Streng  are sunny, comfortable and optimistic. Stair Case Study House 01 design is a concept of modern house that celebrates strong color contrasts created

Beautiful wallpapers from Harald Gloockler Pompous Design Mode are glamorous, romantic and very decorative. The collection of modern wallpaper designs is created with innovative technologies Marburg and offers wonderful latest wallpapers for modern interior design

Leaf Cover which gives new life to lacking any interest empty or dead wall spaces is made of green silicone and looks very natural and organic. Leaf Cover for nails, inspired by young green plants, brings vitality, fresh design and pleasant green color to wall decorating…

Beautiful wallpapers by Catalina Estrada are a perfect way to add colorful, cheerful and optimistic wall decorating ideas to your home interiors. Unusual and captivating, original and bright, her wallpaper designs look like bold works of art, bringing romantic mood into modern interior decorating

Contemporary wall heaters and retro style radiators are functional room decor items and stylish home decorations. Made of solid wood or wooden products covers for decorating old room heaters are useful decorative accessories that  make the heating source designs safe, soft and pleasant to touch

Recycling old suitcases for wall shelves or unusal storage boxes is a great idea for creating stylish vintage furniture items and adding unique flavor of retro home decor. Decluttering and using old suitcases as home decorations create more spacious, bright and interisting room decor

Spring home decorating with blooming branches look fresh and charming. Gorgeous blooming branches make beautiful table centerpieces for birthday parties and special events in spring, Mothers Day and Easter. Blooming branches are amazing and inexpensive, elegant and eco friendly

Beautiful and creative latest wallpapers from the Italian company Wall&Deco make a new wallpaper collection for unusual and modern wall decorating in 2012. The collection of modern wallpaper patterns Life 2012 includes 26 unique conceptual wallpaper designs with impressive prints and images