decor styles

Modern furniture for living room or bedroom by Paolo Lucchetta is impressive, comfortable and luxurious. Baroque decoration is highly ornamental and decorative, adding charming home furnishings and gorgeous furniture decoration details to functional and elegant furniture for living room

Hawaiian decor reflects striking beauty of the Pacific Ocean and island flora. Elegant and colorful, cheerful and exotic Hawaiian decor feels very relaxing and comfortable. The collection of wonderful interior decorating ideas may inspire you for creating romantic Hawaiian decor that will

White home decorating feels airy and spacious. White decorating ideas from luxurious Borgo Egnazia Hotel  can be a great inspiration for creating breezy, light and stylish room decor in white room colors. The hotel rooms are furnished in traditional Southern Italian decorating style

The Tuscan home where Luigi Cavalli lives and rests between business trips is located on a hill in Punta Ala, Tuscany. This beautiful Tuscan house is built of local stone, called Pietra di Scarlino, because it is mined in a small town Skarlino, not far from…

One of modern interior design trends 2012 brings luxurious furniture and decorative fabrics into home interiors, inspired by splendid and elegant Louis XV style. Italian company TURRI designs beautiful furniture pieces for gorgeous and exclusive room decorating with French charm and Italian

Unusual and extravagant glass tube chandelier Maria illuminates your home interiors while showing your  creativity, personality and a unique sense of style. Inspired by the Art Deco era, modern chandelier is a beautiful home lighting fixture for adding lovely and unique accents to Art Deco

Mediterranean decorating ideas are warm and sensual. Unique, comfortable and modern interior decorating ideas, inspired by Cyprus island beauty, create an attractive blend of soft white and rich colors, natural decorative fabrics and materials, used for centuries in traditional Greek

Contemporary apartment ideas from Carr Design Group are elegant and simple. Contemporary interior decor style offers flowing interior design, neutral decorating colors, that include black, white, gray and cream tones, combined with striking bright accents that make contemporary interior

Stool Remida from Italian company Zanotts is en example of passionate and artistic Italian furniture design. Stool Remida is a remake of anamt garde model, designed in 1922 by futurist artist Fortunato Depero. A friend of Umberto Boccioni, the artist studied sculpture, inventing and creating

Russian interior decorating style creates traditional look. Modern interior design retain the love of luxury, chic and beauty of antique and vintage decor. Russian interior decorating style is a part of rich culture, which is always reflected in comfortable and warm, expensive and unique modern interior…

Creativity and freedom, unpredictable interior decorating ideas and comfortable luxury, surprising decorating color combinations and unusual blends of traditional and contemporary decorative materials create an exciting mixture of interior design styles for home decorating in 2012

Minimalist interior design ideas, classic decorating and Art Deco style are very popular. Classic interior design ideas bring luxurious comfort and elegance into modern homes. Art Deco style creates unique rooms, incorporating deep colors, exotic decorating ideas and materials, like African, South American

Light room decorating ideas and comfortable summer house design from Russian architects are interesting, charming and pleasant. The blend of old European traditions, modern architecture and room decorating ideas, antique and contemporary room decor accessories creates a beautiful

Fine vintage furniture and retro decor accessories are one of modern interior trends. The vintage furniture collection Richards Trunks is inspired by a traveler trunk and made of reclaimed oak wood, leather and bronze parts. Combined with antique and rare retro decor items, vintage

Biedermeier interior style for home decorating is the reflection of the artistic and sentimental trend in art, architecture and design, that was born in Germany and Austria in the first half of the 19th century. Biedermeier furniture and room decor accessories were parts of interior decorating

Colonial homes are about intricate blends that interweave Western interior decorating styles with home furnishings, furniture and room decor accessories from Eastern, African and Asian countries. Colonial homes are quite common, and Colonial interior decorating style is a popular modern trend that create beautiful, unique and…

Colorful and festive ideas for decorating girls bedrooms and bright and extravagant gypsy decoration style, that is associated with Gypsy songs and dancing, come from French Vibel. Rich girls room decor materials in bright colors, soft textures and bold interior decorating color

Antiques add chic to interior decorating in classic style. Antique furniture and room decor accessories are a way to accentuate certain architectural features and adorn your home with unique items. Planning is an important part of mastering interior decorating with antique items and creating beautiful

Modern room decorating ideas, that add Art Deco Style chic to classic or traditional apartment decor, transform home interiors into impressive and comfortable rooms, decorated with simplicity, inspired by elegant and functional minimalist style and classic room decor accessories

Modern bedroom decorating ideas from Plascon, based in Cape Town, South Africa, suggest to add exotic South African decorating accents to your home for fresh bedroom design with exotic flavor. 16 bold and modern bedroom decorating ideas will help create unique bedroom decor with colorful

Rugs are an inportant element of interior design. Oriental rugs make interior design feel cozy, creating warm home interiors. Also contemporary rugs are not only functional room decor accessories, but beautiful and stylish decorative accents that blend ols traditions and innovative modern rug design

Egyptian interior style is one of expressive and dramatic home decorating styles that add antique chic and luxurious elegance to modern home interiors. If you want to give your home the feeling of ancient Egyptian civilization, impressive and colorful Egyptian decor is one of great options

Art Nouveau home decoration, enriched by Indonesian handicraft, is one of unique ideas for those who enjoy ethnic interior decorating and an artistic touch of the Art Nouveau style. Beautiful Indonesian products, furniture, room decor accessories and Indonesian art give a lot

New 18th century French interior design style is inspired by the beauty of charming French interiors in luxurious palaces and the elegance of the 18th century country homes of aristocrats. Fine furniture design in French style, sofas, beds, chairs and console tables, decorated with wood carving

Provence country home decorating ideas is about rustic look, beautiful natural color palette and welcoming home atmosphere. French country decorating is warm and casual, elegant and charming. Stunning French country decor in Provence is a creative reflection of delightful weather, charming old villages

Techno style is a modern interior decorating style that celebrates contemporary technologies, new materials and innovations. Techno interior design style is about bright room decorating ideas popular in 1980s, cool atmosphere and elegant sleek lines, typical for contemporary interior

Art Nouveau style is about stylised natural plants and flowers motifs, organic room decor ideas, stylish furniture design and architecture, inspired by design and interior decorating in classic style. Art Nouveau style requires artists to work at everything from interior architecture to furniture