decorating styles

Vintage decor brings chic and style into modern home interiors. Charming antiques and retro finds, old vintage decor items looks amazing, combined with traditional and contemporary furniture and decor accessories. Artfully mixed with new design ideas and iconic furniture pieces, classic

The avant-garde style is about novel, never done before interior design experiments, innovative solutions and contrasting color combinations. The avant-garde decorating style is the opposite of the classic interior design style. This style brings dynamic color combinations, adds bold

Country home decorations creates an atmosphere of comfort and add charm to cottage style decor. Country home decorations look cozy and relaxing, helping create pleasant and warm living spaces. Cottage style decor looks amazing with modern and classic style design details. You can choose

Modernism influences interior decorating in many ways, attracting, impressing and charming people. The blend of comfortable and beautiful interior decorating ideas in Modern style create gorgeous home interiors with exclusive feel, original designs, luxurious atmosphere

Interior decorating in Modern style creates pleasant, soft, elegant and quiet home interiors with uncluttered, streamlined, sleek and open spaces and charming floral designs. If you like calming pastel color schemes, comfortable furniture and classy decor, then you probably love modernism

Interior decor ideas in pop art style look unique, extraordinary and bold. Pop art style is one of the most humorous, provocative and amusing interior decorating style, popular among young and bohemian artists and designers and perfect for decorating beauty salons and design studios. People who

French home decorating style is romantic and luxurious, elegant and graceful. French interior decorating ideas create harmonious and chic rooms blending chic details with softness and simplicity. Attention to every detail makes French interior decorating look exclusive and luxurious

French country home decorating style is ideal for creating cozy and comfortable, elegant and modern interiors. French country furniture and decor accessories, reclaimed wood elements and beautiful room colors make these interiors feel warm and welcoming, providing gorgeous

Shabby chic decorating is a relatively new interior decorating style. Shabby chic decorating style was born in Great Britain and evokes the type of decoration found in large country homes where there are worn and faded old furniture and decor accessories, paintwork and unassuming good

Modern interior decorating in colonial style is a remarkable blend of European and Asian or European and Latin American furniture, decor accessories and architectural elements that came from different cultures, – Burma, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam or Central

Luxurious home interiors in classic style are spectacular and seducing. Classic style creates beautiful interior decorating, which can turn even a small apartment into chic living space that reminds rooms in European palaces. Comfortable and beautiful interior decorating is perfect for creating inviting

Traditional home decor is about comfort with some functional luxury. The classic style add elegance and chic to modern interior design, creating beautiful home interiors that feel inviting, warm and pleasant. This large apartment decorating in Moscow demonstrate gorgeous classic style

AMG Viella 12 record player is the turntable that can add a charming retro decor item and a sense of the connection of generations to modern home interiors. Beautiful and elegant gadgets, functional and decorative accessories and retro decor items are a nice way of creating…

Art Nouveau decor ideas are one of popular interior trends that combine modern art and functionality, beauty and unusual details, creating gorgeous unique home interiors. Italian designers from Francesco Molon and Savio Firmino suggest to decorate the living room with Art Nouveau

Hawaiian decor reflects striking beauty of the Pacific Ocean and island flora. Elegant and colorful, cheerful and exotic Hawaiian decor feels very relaxing and comfortable. The collection of wonderful interior decorating ideas may inspire you for creating romantic Hawaiian decor that will

White home decorating feels airy and spacious. White decorating ideas from luxurious Borgo Egnazia HotelĀ  can be a great inspiration for creating breezy, light and stylish room decor in white room colors. The hotel rooms are furnished in traditional Southern Italian decorating style

Modern interior design in New Classic style bring high standards and luxurious home decorating ideas that look formal, elegant and exclusive. Designer Ron Dayan created a beautiful house in Beverly Hills, California that celebrates Neo Classic interior design and decorating style, reminding stunning

Creativity and freedom, unpredictable interior decorating ideas and comfortable luxury, surprising decorating color combinations and unusual blends of traditional and contemporary decorative materials create an exciting mixture of interior design styles for home decorating in 2012

Oriental interior decorating ideas are one of modern decor trends. Chinese and Japanese interior decorating in neutral and brown colors, low furniture and Asian accessories add exotic flavor to modern home interiors and create pleasant and comfortable rooms with unique furniture

Unique Sicilian homes are transformed into modern hotel rooms with charming and romantic flavor of Mediterranean decorating style. Italian interior design can be different, bringing chic and cutting edge features into contemporary interior decorating or creating romantic retreats with Old World

Art deco decorating ideas make modern interior design feel personal and unique. Art deco interiors and the fusion of styles are modern interior design trends that bring modern art into home decor, blending art works and art deco furniture with functional and comfortable interior design

Traditional home decor looks classic and comfortable. Traditional home decorating style is about calm atmosphere and organized interior design ideas. Bedroom or living room furnishings in a traditional home are predictable and consistent. To create modern room decor in the traditional