modern interior design

Modern house design and gorgeous interior decorating ideas make Nettlton 199 house in Cape Town a true retreat. Designed by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors, this modern house in South Africa offers beautiful and luxurious home interiors with comfortable, soft and relaxing room decor

Modern interior design and decor, inspired by homes in Southern France, bright colors and warm decorating materials make this house design by Brian Dillard Architecture truly unique, charming and welcoming, offering a beautiful and comfortable home with architectural interiors and decor reminiscent

Luxurious penthouse design in Mumbai, India is an impressive project, developed by Rajiv Saini. Modern interior design ideas combine light color palette and spacious layout, natural materials, like wood and stone with soft textures, unique lighting fixtures and comfortable furnishings

Large luxurious house design and interior decorating project by the Russian architectural firm Ershi-Co is impressive. Modern interior design ideas blend the elegance of classic style, contemporary materials and new technology, creating functional and stylish, comfortable and spacious

Contemporary apartment ideas from young Russian architect A. Nikolashin, look dynamic and spacious, stylish and creative. Inspired by the charming beach pebbles, he brings the nature inside, adding the natural beauty of beach pebbles, green plants and wood to modern interior design

The modern house design from will bruder+PARTNERS is a contemporary home which features unique architecture and elegant interior design. Natural materials, neutral and warm room colors, inspired by the desert landscape, create a unique, artistic and graceful contemporary home. This comfortable, airy and spacious modern house…

One of modern interior design trends 2012 brings luxurious furniture and decorative fabrics into home interiors, inspired by splendid and elegant Louis XV style. Italian company TURRI designs beautiful furniture pieces for gorgeous and exclusive room decorating with French charm and Italian

Black and white decorating color palette, combined with stylish and simple modern furniture and lighting fixtures, create sophisticated contemporary home interiors that provide beautiful and comfortable rooms for rest and relaxation. Red color accents bring energy and add more interest to modern

Italian style old country homes feel very special, romantic and unique, offering exceptional architectural features and interior design ideas that will stand the test of time. Renovating and restoring country homes require the commitment, patience and good knowledge of local building

Modern interior design in New Classic style bring high standards and luxurious home decorating ideas that look formal, elegant and exclusive. Designer Ron Dayan created a beautiful house in Beverly Hills, California that celebrates Neo Classic interior design and decorating style, reminding stunning

Minimalist interior design ideas, classic decorating and Art Deco style are very popular. Classic interior design ideas bring luxurious comfort and elegance into modern homes. Art Deco style creates unique rooms, incorporating deep colors, exotic decorating ideas and materials, like African, South American

Stripes are modern interior decorating ideas that add dynamic accents and energy to room decor. Selecting striped wallpaper patterns and painting stripes on walls, adding striped floor rugs and bedding fabrics, home accessories and tiles are good choices for energetic and optimistic people