upholstery fabric

modern furniture cushions made of fur and leather

Modern home decorating ideas from Studio Verijet reflect design trends in decorative fabrics and furniture. Fur and upholstery fabrics with animal prints, textures that remind fur or leather and contemporary shapes of modern furniture pieces blend into modern home decor ideas

world map fabric prints

Pouffles is a creative collection of colorful and unusual poufs and ottomans from Australian-American designer Ainslie for creating unique, interesting and modern home interiors. Convenient poufs and ottomans, made of upholstery fabrics with unusual prints, are perfect furniture design

yellow designer chair with floral fabric print

Fine furniture upholstery fabrics and colorful fabric prints from Australian designers look bright and colorful, making a strong statement and creating cheerful atmosphere in the living room. Australian-made armchairs and sofas and vintage furniture from IKEA with floral upholstery

vintage furniture upholstery fabric print

Beautiful furniture upholstery fabrics, bright furniture painting ideas and classic design make a new collection of Moissonnier furniture for living rooms and bedrooms outstanding. The updated collection of vintage furniture upholstery, new details, modern colors and furniture painting ideas

blue chair for modern living room

Modern upholstery fabric prints are an important part of interior decorating that reflect stylish furniture design trends, influenced by contemporary technology. Decorating with fabrics prints on furniture upholstery is a nice way to make interior decorating unique and interesting, personal

modern wall decor ideas with patchwork wallpaper pattern

Patchwork fabric patterns inspire modern interior design trends that bring color and creative ideas into modernĀ  room decorating. Wall decor ideas that look like patchwork fabric and furniture upholstery, window curtains


Decorative fabrics and textiles define living room colors. Modern decorative fabrics and textiles, window curtains, decorative cushions, wall tapestry decorations and lamp shades, floor rugs and decorative throw and pillows, living room furniture upholstery fabric or sofa and chairs


House decor with ikat patterns in bright or soft colors is one of interesting modern interior design trends. Ikat is beautiful silk or cotton fabric from Asia. Traditional bright and vibrant exotic ikat patterns differ from village to village. Each strand is individually dyed and than…


Contemporary home decor fabrics, made of natural and eco friendly fibers, offer geometric and floral fabric patterns for modern interior design, blending old traditions with high-tech techniques, creating new textures and color combinations.


Solid fabrics or colorful fabric patterns are great ways to add color to room decorating, refresh old or second hand furniture items with stylish curtains or an attractive new upholstery fabric.